Hello everyone! Today isn’t really a column, but more of a goodbye. This will be the last Everyday Pagan column I’ll be writing. After much thought and debate it seems like the column has just run its course. When I first approached this column I thought it would be incredibly easy for me to come … More Goodbye

Invocation for Danu

Oh Danu, I invoke thee, Great Mother Goddess, By the great mysteries, By the mighty powers of the air, earth, and seas. I invoke thee, Danu. I invoke thee. As you stand at the portal; to The Elemental Kingdoms, Allow me to see with your eyes. Creatrix who birthed all things into being, Bring forth … More Invocation for Danu

Fairy Tale Ritual

Kenny Klein’s book Fairy Tale Ritual was  very different than many of the books that I’ve read on spells and rituals due to its focus. Klein takes us on a very fascinating journey back on the road where the fairy tales we know and love came from, and then offers guidance on using those magical … More Fairy Tale Ritual

Chicken a la King

    Chicken a la King really is perfect for any time of the year but I particularly like it during the winter months because of how thick, warm, and comforting it is. Poultry and other “white” meats such as pork and turkey are great to serve at Imbolc. This dish has a thick gravy … More Chicken a la King

What tips do you have for fitting in a spiritual practice in a hectic and chaotic world?

For many people it seems that though spirituality has a priority in their lives it isn’t as high on the list as their other basic needs such as: food, shelter, sleep, sex and obtaining the money required to provide these needs not only for themselves but their family as well. I believe that the ideal … More What tips do you have for fitting in a spiritual practice in a hectic and chaotic world?


Every living human and animal has a vital life force energy flowing through them, often called Chi, Ki, or Prana. Throughout our everyday lives, this energy often gets “stuck” due to stress, trauma, illness, or other dis-eased states. Reiki helps to remove those blockages and to help that stuck energy flow through us. Reiki is … More Reiki

Happy New Year!

Dear Diary, ​ Time does not stop for anybody or anything. I am glad that the festivities have come to an end though; call me a buzz-kill but the holidays stress me out! There is always so much rushing around to do and not enough time to do it all. I definitely enjoy spending time … More Happy New Year!