Bloodstone / Heliotrope

Stone of the MonthBloodstone, also known in antiquity as Heliotrope, is identified as both a Jasper and Chalcedony variety of quartz. The typical Bloodstone is made up of a dark green chalcedony with freckle-like spots of red jasper. This stone is mainly found in India as well as Australia, Brazil, and China. Heliotrope has a pretty solid mass and holds between a 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Its name originated from the Greek word Helios meaning “sun” and Trepein meaning “to attract.” It was believed that this stone contained all powers and energies of the sun. Christian lore however, states that the blood of Christ dripped onto a green emerald when he was crucified, thus creating the Bloodstone. I recently acquired my first piece of Bloodstone only about a month ago. This stone had been on my wish list for quite some time before I ended up grabbing a piece of my own!

Inward: Bloodstone helps provide its user with courage and also aids in strength when needed in difficult situations. It is also known to help calm the mind, dispel confusion, and enhances ones decision-making process. This stone aids it’s user in adjusting to new circumstances and provides an overall empowered feeling. Bloodstone helps the owner see all strengths and positive characteristics in oneself. This stone also helps bring its owner into the present and helps you work towards focusing in the now.

Outward: Bloodstone is a great protection stone as it also holds the energy of the god. This stone has been used for decades as an amulet of protection especially against threats or attack. Many people carry bloodstone with them to shield their psyche/aura. This is a stone that a lot of pregnant woman are drawn to, as it assists in easing the birthing process and provides hormonal balance. Overall, bloodstone provides stability and assists its carrier from all forces against them.

Spiritual: This element of earth is obvious within the bloodstone. This crystal focuses on balance and grounding. Bloodstone is great for keeping balance and opening the root or base chakra as well. The root chakra is the foundation of physical and spiritual energies in the body. Bloodstone is known to allow for a more direct union when connecting or communicating with the divine. It also aids in meditation or contemplation by bringing an overall peaceful and harmonious energy. This crystal is extremely popular among healers in general. The loving energy of the goddess and the courageous and aggressive nature of the god are both infused evenly providing balance to all who carry it.

Health: Bloodstone has been used for health purposes since ancient Mesopotamia. Ground up, powdered, and combined with egg whites and honey, Ancient Egyptians used this mixture in their healing to stop excessive bleeding and cure tumors. Bloodstone is also associated to the bodies detoxifying organs as well as the circulatory system. This stone is a great purifier and aids in detoxifying blood and purifying the liver, kidneys, and bladder. Someone with poor circulation or someone who has experienced heart trauma could potentially see bloodstone as extremely beneficial.