My Magickal Plans for 2016


Since this will be my last piece for Circle of Friends, I want to give you a sense of what I’m going to be up to in my sacred space as I head into the shiny, brand new year ahead. I hope that my willingness to be open about what’s new in my magickal world will encourage you to be adventurous in your own spiritual explorations. At the close of each year I give myself time to think about what ‘rose in the oven’ and what fell flat across all areas of my life. One of the areas to which I pay the closest attention is the spiritual path, and I often develop some clear goals and principles to set the tone for the months ahead and help me to harness a sense of renewed commitment. In the past, people have suggested that my tendency to be disciplined and focused in my craft is ‘ironic’ or ‘unexpected’ since I am a chaos witch. ‘Shouldn’t you be flitting from one thing to other in a chaotic fashion?!’ This is a grave misunderstanding of the term ‘chaos magick’ and its meaning. ‘Chaos’ is the term used to describe the primordial soup from which everything came – the sphere of untapped possibility from which all potential forms spring up. ‘Chaos’ is the place where there is no ‘one right answer’, no ultimate truth. It denotes a philosophical free-for-all for people who prize variety and exploration over dogma and rigidity. The term ‘chaos witch’ in no way implies sloppiness, laziness or a haphazard approach. In fact, quite the opposite is true!

During 2015 I invested a lot of time into the concept of The Divine Feminine. I examined how my mind wrapped itself around that concept and explored the different ways in which Divine Feminine energy could be expressed. Above all, towards the latter half of the year, I began to bring my matron goddess into even closer alignment with my mundane life. In 2016, I’m going to keep going with that. I will be journeying to her icy realm more regularly to see what I can learn and to journey with her. I will also be continuing with my Dark Moon rituals during which I use Runes to commune with her. I am going to be undertaking several sets of spiritual observances throughout 2016, dedicating lots of time and focus to her so that we can bond on a much more conscious level. I am hoping that this will invite her into my dreams and trances much more readily. I also plan to create art which expresses the depth of my connection to my matron and, in a broader sense, my link to the concept of The Goddess as a diamond with many facets.

In terms of tools, I have spent the last couple of weeks scrying with a small crystal ball, preparing myself for the larger one that I’m planning to purchase in the next month or so. I am experimenting with combining candlelight and incense smoke behind the ball to enhance the sense of movement within it and create ‘layers’ of visuals. I will be devising my own ways of welcoming synchronicities and divinatory messages into my life too, mostly using children’s toys, which is going to be seriously fun!

I will be messing around with the concept of servitors more – creating magickal thought forms to do my bidding on just about every level and permitting them to form a social network with each other so that I can ‘blend’ them into beneficial groups for greater results like some kind of magickal mob boss. Sigils will definitely make an appearance too, but I am planning to create them using sound – both spoken/sung mantras and also recorded noises meshed together for my own amusement.

That’s just some of the stuff that’s going on in my magickal world. I hope yours is positively buzzing too!

Nothing is true, everything is peanut butter. It’s been real – thanks for having me!


–  Kelly-Ann
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