Establishing and Accomplishing Your Goals

basic human rightTo Thine Own Self Be True – Separating Fact from Fiction
To succeed in life, in any area, certain goals must be established. Without goals the mind tends to wander and become distracted. Without a sense of accomplishment life can seem meaningless. Unhappiness comes from a lack of fulfillment, and a lack of fulfillment has its roots in a lack of accomplishment. Goals, therefore, are an essential part of life, whether they be goals connected with love, career, creativity, finances or spiritual self-growth.

When we get to the real reason as to why people are having difficulty with their goals, it is often because they do not actually know what their true goals are. They are living in the fiction of someone else’s dreams. This could have been brought about since early childhood through suggestions of parents or into adult life through suggestions of friends, associates, etc. Most people are living the thoughts of others and not of their own. We can say, in another sense, that most people are not living the lives that the nature of their soul intended for them.

Fulfillment is a sign of an accomplished life. When a person is truly fulfilled they have found their place in life and contentment within themselves. Contentment within yourself is what separates fact from fiction. As an example, we can find many people who have accomplished much in the life of the world, yet, within themselves are still restless and discontent. While they have accomplished certain things, they have not accomplished their true goals and thus do not feel real happiness and contentment within themselves. They are leading lives of fiction and not of personal reality.

If you yourself are to truly find your real goals and accomplish them, you have to turn within! Within the higher, spiritual and Divine region of your mind the true goals for you in your life abide. Once you find them you will also find additional power to accomplish them because they are the goals of the Universe for you, the Mystical Power of the Divine will be working for you in everything you do to realize them!

SELF QUIZ – Are You Living Real or False Goals?

  • When you awaken in the morning, do you look forward to the day?
  • Are you glad to get away from the work you do when it’s quitting time?
  • Do you feel constantly restless and tense?
  • Does your life seem void of meaning and useless?
  • Have you felt in a rut or frustrated over a long period of time?
  • Do you feel that the life you are leading came about from the advice of others than your own?

Checking Your Mental Attitudes

  • Does the image you have of yourself seem unworthy to have happiness or success?
  • Are guilt feelings of any kind causing you to punish yourself?
  • Through past failures, have you grown to believe that failure is your lot in life?
  • Do you truly like yourself?
  • Do you constantly blame others for your lack of accomplishment?
  • Are you negative about life and people in general?

Meditational Programming Suggestions
Place yourself in a state of meditation. Only a light state where you have access to your personal subconscious. After achieving this state, open your eyes only half way so as to retain your meditative state. Program your mind with the following meditational suggestions.

For Your Subconscious Mind
“My self-image is a oneness of my conscious mind and Divine Mind.”
“The Divine Part of my Mind has already forgiven me for any time I have erred against myself.”
“All past failure patterns are removed from my mind, and only positive patterns for future accomplishments remain.”
“The True-Me is the Divine-Me which I admire and respect.”
“The Divine-Part of my mind assumes full responsibility for setting and realizing goals.”
“I am positive about myself and life because I accept the Positive Power of my Divine Mind working in my life right now.”

For the Psychic Intuitive Part of Your Mind
“My mind is radiating out Positive, Divine Empowered thoughts into the psychic atmosphere each and every day.”
“My mind is a psychic magnet which attracts back my positive thoughts in the physical representation of accomplishment.”
“My mind is psychically sensitive to the true reality of people and conditions concerning my goals.”
“The Divine-Part of my mind gives me a psychic sense of direction each and every day.”

Deep Meditation Practice
Start to enter into a deep state of meditation. Just before you feel yourself letting go to the deepest state, plant the following thought into your consciousness:
“While I meditate my subconscious is open to receive impressions from my Divine Mind regarding my goals and how to accomplish them.”
Just before ending your period of deep meditation and before opening your eyes, say the following to yourself:
“The Divine Power of my Inner Mind rules my goals and their realization.”



– Ruth David
Utopia’s Path Tea Shoppe and Apothecary