Hello everyone! Today isn’t really a column, but more of a goodbye. This will be the last Everyday Pagan column I’ll be writing. After much thought and debate it seems like the column has just run its course.

When I first approached this column I thought it would be incredibly easy for me to come up with topics to chat about, but the more I thought about the word “Pagan” the more difficult it became. I was, and still am, loathe trying to come up with topics that are just for “Pagans.”

That term is incredibly broad, as I’m sure all of you know, and trying to come up with tips and tricks and advice for all Pagans is just unfeasible. If I try to talk to all Pagans then my topics have to be broad – being Pagan at work, school, in public etc, all things I chatted about in the early months of 2015. I could easily delve into specifics, but at the risk of alienating my readers, and turning a broad column into an advice column for specific types of Pagans, which isn’t what this was supposed to be about.

everyday pagan

However, I will be back next month, with a new column – Pop Culture Paganism and Witchcraft! In that column I’ll be going over the ins and outs of PC Paganism and Witchcraft, give spell ideas, and help you bring your love of your fandoms to your religion / witchcraft.

I know I’m definitely going to be touching on Harry Potter, Marvel, probably Supernatural and perhaps Dr. Who, since those are really popular fandoms. I will also be coming up with spell ideas from books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, music I’ve listened to etc. I will also try to start up a “suggestion box” type thing – submit your suggestion for media / pop culture and I’ll come up with some stuff for it!

Stay tuned and I’ll see you next month.



– Ristoria