Happy New Year!

Dear Diary,

DOANWTime does not stop for anybody or anything. I am glad that the festivities have come to an end though; call me a buzz-kill but the holidays stress me out! There is always so much rushing around to do and not enough time to do it all. I definitely enjoy spending time with my family and eating tons of delicious food, Don’t get me wrong but now that it’s all over, I can finally just relax and focus on what I want to achieve in this New Year. Relaxing more is definitely something I would like to achieve. I’m taking a vacation this month to Los Angeles for ten days, which is the beginning of my plan to relax this year. It seems that I never get to be completely relaxed, even when I am actually relaxing; my mind is constantly ranting and raving, mostly about more than just a few things at a time. Even in my dreams I am always on the move, running and finding my way through places. It’s like when I wake up I’m already exhausted from the adventure I went on in my dreams. Meditation definitely helps me relax, but it also makes my dreams more vivid and easier to remember and although that sounds like a good thing, my dreams are just so chaotic. This year I’m going to have to focus on becoming in control of my dreams, so they’re not comparable to the newest, award-winning action movies.

In this New Year, I would also like to focus on my health more. I’m constantly having issues with my stomach, which doctors have yet to resolve or even find a reason for. I often blow off appointments, or am too busy with work to go to the doctors so they can actually figure out what’s wrong. It’d be wonderful to finally have an answer. Another thing I’d like to work on this year is my yoga practice. I practiced every day over the summer but my routine has ceased and I haven’t picked it back up. I’d really love to pick yoga back up again, my body felt wonderful while I was in good practice. Going to the gym more is something I’d also like to see happen this year. It’s not that I have to lose any weight, or that I desire to in the least, but quite the opposite. Putting on some muscle would definitely not hurt, right now I have just as much muscle definition as a sponge. I’ve never been one to work out, or to be very active. Reading a book on the couch with a cup of tea is where you’d have much better luck finding me than in a smelly, sweaty gym. When I do work out, I prefer it to be in the comfort and privacy of my own home. However, this year I’d like to stop being such a recluse and get some exercise with some real machines instead of on-demand floor workouts.

During this brand new year, spirituality is something I would like to work on, too. Not that I’m not spiritual, but it’s kind of like I’ve been at a plateau with everything of that nature. I haven’t progressed, yet I haven’t regressed either. I would like to work with my runes more this year, and develop a better relationship with them. After I learned them during the course I took, I haven’t done much with them. I haven’t had much reason to, but I would love to work with them this year whether there is a good reason to or not. Divination is something that is so interesting to me, yet I don’t dabble into it as much as I’d like to. Working so often definitely does not help the situation; nevertheless it is not an excuse. Something else I’d like to work on is my knowledge of different herbs and trees. I’ve learned much about different crystals this past year, and would love to now learn about trees and herbs. Especially now that I have been assigned the Earth element as my Quarter, I would love to become more Earthy and learn as much about this planet as I can. Of course that is always my goal, to learn as much as possible. I love to learn, constantly. There is always something new to learn, and it kind of excites me that I will never know everything; that only challenges me to take in as much as possible, which is exactly what I plan on doing during this new year. All my love and light,


– SavannahRain