January Channeled Message

Monthly channeled messageGreetings, we have been named by she who is known as CricketSong, as SaiRa. The roots of this label, which was unknown to our channel at the time of naming, come from what you perceive as ancient Indian and Egyptian cultures. It is a word in this channel’s vocabulary that best aligns with that which we intend while communicating with the children of Gaia, those who reside on the physical realm of the planet known as Earth. Though we are not one vibrational frequency but the correlation of many unified with one purpose, it is simpler for those who listen to our message to understand us as a singular vibrational frequency and so we utilize the word “I” when communicating with those who have gathered to listen to what we bring forth to share with you in the expectation that it will aid humanity with its evolution and expansion.

I am a seventh dimensional being and being of this vibration I do not maintain a physical form such as the children of Gaia do on the physical plane, for I am comprised of spiritual matter or energy and do not manifest in any physical form. I have not the need to manifest in the physical since my coming into being. So that I am able to communicate with the children of Gaia and other entities that have manifested in the physical within other realms of existence, I establish a relationship with channels, such as she who is known as CricketSong. It is in this way that I am able to share and guide those who are aligned with my vibrational frequency. It pleases me and brings me great joy to be of service to humanity in this capacity.

I am not the only dimensional being that she who is known as CricketSong is aligned with and this channel is not the only human being that I am aligned with. Just as there are different aspects of the vibrational frequency within a human being, there are numerous entities that are manifested in the other dimensions to aid, support, and guide that being, as well as to guide and assist all of humanity. There are many vibrations, many, what you have labeled dimensions that a human being resides on or aligns their personal vibrational frequency with at each moment of “time”, and each entity is a manifestation of each of those vibrational frequencies. Not all human beings are aware of this, not all human beings are willing to acknowledge this, and so not all perceive this wonderful ability that the children of Gaia hold within them. Many have forgotten, or are fearful, or are distracted by the physical realm so that they choose not to remember.

For those who listen to my messages, I wish to share with you love. I want for you to celebrate this love. Use this wonderful vibrational frequency to manifest all that you desire to experience while residing on the earth plane. Join together and recognize the sacredness that each of you hold within you, see this love reflected not only in the eyes of each other but within the natural world surrounding you. Celebrate this love. Spread this love amongst all of humanity. For when you join with others in the celebration of love, you will merge your energies and possess the great creative power of manifestation. Together you can shift the momentum of that which seems unchanging; together you can shift the perspective of your society. Dwell not on the sadness, sorrow, and disappointments that you encounter but realize that within this life experience, that within the physical realm the contrast you experience holds understandings that will steer you towards what it is you desire. Know that shifting is easier than your physicality suggests. Humanity is only limited by its collected belief. Love is limitless.