January Ogham Report

Ogham ReadingHi everyone! Welcome to my first Ogham reading! I pulled these staves with the thoughts and intentions of helping the majority of my readers, so here’s what I have for you!

The top row is what the general theme of the reading is about, from left to right, I pulled Willow (Saille) and then Ash (Nuin) popped out of its own accord. Willow is all about feminine Goddess energy, emotions and has very helpful energy when dealing with spirituality. Ash has been called the “key to universal truth” and reminds us that whatever we do in one facet of life effects our other facets (physical, mental and spiritual.)

These two tell me that our theme for the reading is definitely going to be about finding our truth in order to live authentically in 2016, with heavy spiritual themes.

The next row, again from left to right are Elder (Ruis), Vine (Muin) and Rowan (Luis). If we look at this from a past, present, future sort of reading then I think it makes the most sense since Elder is alllll about regrowing from past damage. The Elder tree can root from any part of the tree and can regrow branches, showing a resilience that many trees do not have. I’m thinking that this is a reminder that while 2015 may have had some road bumps, we can and will overcome what has been dished out.

Vine (like grape vine) is for the present. We just got over New Yeas (did you have some wine? 😉 ) and speaks about opening yourself up to harvest the fruit that we’ve worked so hard on over the past year or so. Now is the time to allow yourself to celebrate and then to rest. Just as wine can be used for celebration or quiet personal time, so too can we remember Vine during these moments.

The future is all about Rowan though. Rowan is a very protective tree, and its berries are constantly used in protection amulets and talismans for the home. This shows that 2016 is going to be a year of continuing to grow not only in spirituality, but in strength as long as we keep the protective energy of Rowan about us.

I hope that this reading finds you well. I am very excited to be writing this column for everyone!

Love and Light,

– Ristoria