What tips do you have for fitting in a spiritual practice in a hectic and chaotic world?

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For many people it seems that though spirituality has a priority in their lives it isn’t as high on the list as their other basic needs such as: food, shelter, sleep, sex and obtaining the money required to provide these needs not only for themselves but their family as well. I believe that the ideal would be to practice spirituality in tandem with working so that it is and remains one of the main priorities within life though I realize not everyone has a spirituality based career I believe that a daily spiritual practice still can be achieved in even the most mundane of tasks. The following are a list of ideas and tips that I hope you find helpful in creating and maintaining a spiritual practice in a hectic and chaotic world or life:

Shift your perception. This may not be as easy as it sounds for some of you but it is the simplest and most vital step. Ask yourself, “How does this task, moment, situation support my spirituality?” If you cannot find a way that it (the task, moment, situation) supports your spirituality then is it really something you want to be doing? If so, why do you want to continue it? Be certain that the response you give yourself is an honest response. You may find that you are doing things that you truly don’t want to be doing in your life that could be keeping you disconnected spiritually.

Use “down time” to your advantage. The time we spend driving in our car or on public transportation or the time we spend waiting for an appointment, can be used for a number of spiritual practices such as: listening to music or podcasts that support your spiritual beliefs, setting an affirmation or intention for the rest of your day, praying, contemplating, reading, or journaling. All these activities are solid foundations that can lead to a daily spiritual practice.

Devotions. Whether you start or finish your day with some sort of devotion, either to your chosen deity, Universal Source, or even Your Higher Self, can easily become a simple structure to a spiritual practice. Keep in mind that a daily devotion doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; it can be lighting a candle and saying “Good morning” or “This is going to be a great day!” and in the evening, “Thank you” or reciting things that you were grateful for that day.

Finding connections. If you consider yourself a spiritual individual then you are already aware of the interconnectedness of the energies of the world and universe but to continuously find ways in which you are connected to your natural or manmade environments, the random or usual people you encounter on a daily basis, or how each moment in your day connects not only to the next but to other people’s moments, will keep you consciously connected to deity and spirituality. Grounding and centering your own energies will also keep you aware of your connectedness.

The above are just a few suggestions. There are more obvious things that would take more time and commitment such as: meditation, daily rituals (including cleansings and purifications), energy work, and volunteering your time and energy to community or charitable organizations.


– CricketSong




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