January Witches’ Runes Casting

Witches Runes

As the New Year approaches, we have a clean slate, a chance to start over. We wonder what the year will hold for us. Knowledge, and maybe even wisdom, is slowly being revealed to you as you start the year out fresh. This will become easier if you leave behind what no longer serves in the previous year. Leave behind any old hurts, bad habits, toxic relationships, etc, that seem to be holding you back. Allow yourself to begin this year with the aforementioned clean slate by doing this.  No one is saying that leaving these things behind will be an easy task, but it will be the most beneficial for you.  If you need time to heal from any past hurts, take that time to heal yourself.  Nurture yourself and go back to those that nurture you if you need help. You have the support that you need to move forward throughout your year and will help you to build something new in your life, even if things are not totally clear at this time.  After all the year is just starting out, so there are things that are still unclear to you or hidden in the shadows.

I will point out that there are 4 runes either completely outside the circle or half in. At the top, we have the Crossroads. This rune represents stagnation and a feeling of being pulled in too many directions. Moving deosil (clockwise) around the outside of the Circlet, we have the Star, which is half out of the circle.  This rune represents your goals and what you want for yourself. Perhaps you are not quite clear on what you want to achieve this year. Next we have the Harvest at the bottom of this casting, which is also half out, and finally the Sun is completely outside of the circle.  These runes go hand in hand.  The Harvest represents success and reaping the fruits of your labor. The Sun represents periods of growth and prosperity. It’s hard to have success in your goals and be able to grow if you feel like you are pulled in too many directions and are unclear of your goals.  I would suggest taking some time to think about what it is that you’d like to achieve, perhaps go back to that support structure that is willing to help you heal and build something new. They may serve as a good sounding board to help clarify things for you. Whatever you decide, be sure that whatever you do, it serves your highest good.

– Willow
A Transformation of Spirit