The God Aengus

ÁengusAengus is the son of the Dagda, and the Goddess Boann (who was the wife of Nechtan). The two deities had an affair that led to Aengus’ conception. In order to stop Nechtan from finding out about Boann’s pregnancy, the Dagda made the sun stop for the nine months. Aengus was conceived, gestated, and born in a single day. He is also a member of the Tuatha de Danann and has connections with Maponos. When he grew up, Aengus tricked the Dagda into giving up his home in the Boyne River Valley. The Dagda had already divided the land among his other children, but Aengus asked if he could stay for a night and day. The Dagda agreed, but in the Irish language of that time, there was no way to specifically say just a night and a day, so the Dagda actually ended up agreeing to let his illegitimate son stay indefinitely, which allowed Aengus to take over his lands. Aengus later had his own son, named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, or Diarmuid of the Love Spot, inherited his father’s penitent for soul mate love, but in an unexpected way. He had a love spot that made any woman who looked upon him fall in love. This was given to him by a maiden he met while hunting.

Aengus is considered the God of Soulmate love. He fell in love with a woman he saw in a dream. Her name was Caer, and he woke up completely love sick after he dreamt about her. His mother set out to search for this woman when she saw how much her son wanted her. She searched the whole of Ireland for a year, before seeking help in the search. The Dagda searched for another year and failed, so he looked for more help. Eventually, Bov the Red, the Dagda’s aide succeeded in finding her after yet another year. Aengus was clearly very much in love with her to wait that long, although the story takes a dark turn when he goes to meet her (although not necessarily because of his actions, more those of Bov).

Aengus was brought to the lake of Dragon’s Mouth, where he found one hundred and fifty maiden women tied up for him to decide which was the one he sought out. He saw the woman from his dream almost immediately, and announced it was her. This is when he learned her name was Caer Ibormeith, daughter of Ethal and Anubal. On November the first, Samhain, Caer and the other maidens were turned into swans for one year. Aengus was told that he could marry Caer if he was able to identify her while she was in swan form. A year later he was able to find her, and when he called out to her, he was also turned into a swan. They flew away together singing, and everyone who heard them fell asleep for three days and nights.

Music and soul mate love define Aengus’ powers as a God. The music he made as a swan echoes in the music from his golden harp. The music it makes has a mesmerizing effect on people, and can bring couples back together. The stories say that any couple whose love and romance was threatened by fights or interferences, Aengus would weave a net around his harp to bring them back together. When Aengus blows a kiss, it turns into a bird who will deliver romantic messages to any lovers who ask for his help. Some say he has four birds that just fly around his head and symbolize kisses. The xxxx that people still use today to mean kisses in romantic letters, are supposed to be symbolic of those birds.

– Shannon