Using Snow and Ice In Ritual

Spell Crafting and CastingAs December flies by us here in Connecticut, I can’t help but note the lack of snow. We have gotten away without much trouble over here, though I do have to admit…I sort of miss it. There is something magical about watching the feather-like flakes drop to mother earth, and it doesn’t quite feel right without it. I am sure we will pay for our break in inclement weather, and when we get buried I will be outside with containers, waiting. So…why would one do that? There are many ways to use snow and ice in your magical practice, and that is what we are going to cover today.

Pagans and Wiccans alike make and use holy water in ritual for many purposes. It is done simply by putting water into a container and leaving it out under the full moon to charge. Gathering and making the holy water from melted snow is a good way to honor the dark half of the wheel of the year and invite those cool energies into your circle. You could even use it to call in the element of water. While you’re wandering the woods and collecting snow to make holy water, I’d suggest using that time to reflect. Sometimes turning off all of the external stimuli of our busy lives and focusing on the silence of the winter forest is the setting we need to communicate with the universe and with ourselves.

A frozen pond while you wander the woods could make a perfect scrying mirror. Shut your eyes and take a few deep, grounding breaths. Feel your heart beat, your connection to the ground and your guides around you. Open your eyes, look into the surface, and watch for symbols or messages. You never know what information you might obtain regarding yourself or the upcoming year.

While bundled up for the cold, you might consider taking a page from your inner child. Make a snow man or woman and set them with the intention of protecting your home and property, sort of like a gargoyle. Be sure to leave an offering and a thanks as their services are used.

If the mood to turn that snowman or woman into a life sized poppet strikes you rather than a gargoyle of sorts, then come at it from that angle. Be sure, however that you are familiar with poppet magic, how it is properly done and executed before attempting.

Once you’re back home from your walk, consider any habits or situations you may wish to freeze, stop or slow down. Writing them down on a piece of paper, burying them in a Ziploc bag of snow and then putting it into the back of your freezer is one sure way to do so. When you’re ready to undo this, take it outside, let the snow melt to the earth with some salt sprinkled over it and allow it to energetically fade away back to the universe. Be sure to leave an offering of gratitude as always.

If none of these suggestions are your speed, consider some journal work on the idea of snow and transformation. Snow is water that has been transformed as it travels in the atmosphere. While sitting by the window, watching it flutter by, think about ways YOU have transformed. What versions of yourself have you shed this past year, and how has that helped you? What layers of yourself could you continue to work on and change? We are all a work in progress, so consider how the last twelve months have changed you and how you’d like to continue to grow as the wheel turns during 2016.

​Brightest blessings and good luck on your journey, as always.


– Alyse
Luna Sage