Deck Review: Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

review deckarchangel-raphael-alternative-medicineThis deck deals with health concerns of the mind, body and spirit, because Raphael is the great healer of all of these. These are cards that deal with emotions and well as physical health.  This is more of a speciality deck as it is usually used within a reading, combining its energy with a multi purpose deck. It is a wonderful deck that enables us to look deeper into an illness or to see the outcome maybe.

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing and his healing vibration works on the mind, body and spirit. Each card has a prayer on it and a sentence on the top of the card. The best way to read this card for yourself is to chose a word in the prayer that speaks to you. Do not take too long making up your mind. Read the prayer and choose a word. Then you can put this word with the top sentence and your message has been delivered from the angels. If it is not immediately clear to you, I suggest that you meditate on the words and ask the angels to help you with it. For example : Look at the card ‘Alternative Medicine’. When I read the prayer, the word ‘healing’ stands out to me straight away. I am being given a message to go and see someone for a healing therapy. The angels know what I need and they are guiding me.

Enjoy this deck and its beautiful, healing vibraton.


– Margaret west

Angel/Angel Tarot reader & Certified Trainer



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