Developing A Prosperity Mentality

Co-Ownership with the Universebasic human right

Mystics through the ages have said “There is but One Life and Mind in the Universe”. Physics tells us that all life comes from one primal energy. The student of spirituality and meditation comes to realize this truth and how it pertains to his or her own prosperity. It means that each of us, as a part of the One Life of the Universe share a co-ownership with everything that is. The realization of this truth creates a mental atmosphere that will aid the acceptance within the individual mind that prosperity or “having” or “owning” is the  natural course of Universal Life individualized into each human being. Each day take a moment to remember this truth whenever you are thinking about prosperity.

Acknowledging the Source of Prosperity

There is but One Source of All that is, and that is the Divine (or the Universe). All metaphysical laws of prosperity that the student may study are like thought-wave patterns within the Mind of the Infinite (the Divine, the Universe). If we think in these terms, we attune our thought-wave patterns to the Universal Thought-Wave Patterns and thus bring the Universal Power of the Divine into the conscious part of our minds for realization of prosperity. We realize the SOURCE of prosperity is not to be found clinging to one person or relationship or circumstance for one’s supply. Rather, it is to regard the Divine Universal Presence as one’s Source.

A state of mind that acknowledges that good and prosperity can reach you and be yours in many ways is of itself prosperity! In this state of mind, new ways you might have never thought of before can be opened to you from the Divine, if again, you’ll but acknowledge that all is open to you!

Prosperity is a Way of Mental Life

Each day you must take hold of your mind, your thoughts and your mental attitude. Nullify any thoughts of lack or limitation as soon as they enter your mind. Acknowledge and build upon thoughts that create or promote a state of mind within you that says “prosperity is a natural course of Universal Life, individualized in me!”

Guideline to a Prosperity Mentality

  • Each day visualize the type of prosperity you wish.  “See yourself” living it and enjoying it.
  • Affirm each day that prosperity is Already Yours! Making your mind believe this, sets up psychic energies in the Universal Mind opening channels to receive it.
  • When you speak to others, speak with a confidence and self-assurance of a person who has already achieved prosperity. You are not trying to put anything over on the person who you do this, but rather are presenting a new image of yourself which you truly believe in. Don’t let yourself be maneuvered into conversations about tight money or hard times.
  • To receive…Give! Promote a prosperity mentality within others as you converse with them. Talk about good times and the good that can come to anyone.
  • Remove any sense of guilt from the past that would make you seem unworthy to have prosperity.
  • Do not envy, but praise the prosperity of others. Every person who has become prosperous proves that prosperity can be attained. They too, whether they know it or not, are part of the One Universal Life and have claimed their part of it through a prosperity mentality in their own way.
  • Whenever you spend money, think of it as going forth and prospering others in a chain reaction that reaches around the world and eventually return to you with greater power!
  • Those who prosper know that “time is indeed money”. There’s no need to overwork only to be sure that you are not wasting valuable time that you could be using in obtaining prosperity.
  • Give thanks each day for any prosperity you may achieved that day as it happens. This sets up positive energy vibrations in you that attract even more prosperity.

Programming Affirmations for Developing a Prosperity Mentality

“I am part of One Universal Divine Mind that contains all within Itself, and I share in this vast wealth of the Universe.”

“My mind prospers me through the Universal Divine Mind at its center.”

“All channels are open in my mind for Higher Guidance to that place and time where I may receive the prosperity that is already mine.”

“Any lack is a part of the past which I release this moment, opening my mind to prosperity now and in the future.”

Prayer Treatment

I acknowledge the Presence of my Source, Creator of all prosperity in the midst of my mind and being. I open my mind and thoughts to intuitive self-direction to guide me in the realization of prosperity which I claim as already mine in my mind and thoughts this moment and every moment of my life. I am sensitive to the Unlimited Presence and Power of my Universal Divine Self-hood at the center of my mind every day. From this Presence of All in All, prosperity flows to me, as my mind flows and is directed to it. For this I give thanks…and SO IT IS!



~Ruth David, Utopia’s Path,