February Angel Card Reading

February Angel Card Message


giving and receiving cardpower card

Many light workers have a negative block where they feel that they cannot charge for their services, because their gifts are from spirit and therefore should be given for free. The angel card message today is quite clear on this dilemma. If we constantly give either our time, our guidance, card readings or healing and do not charge or give an exchange of energy for this service, then we will become out of sync with the universe. It does not always need to be a monetary exchange. It can be like for like, a helping hand or even just a cup of tea and a chat. Anything that is given in return for a spiritual service is accepted by the universe and balance is restored.

Being in balance is like breathing. If we constantly breathe out without breathing in, we will find it very hard to exist. If we constantly give of ourselves, it is the same result. We will eventually become ill, jaded, lonely or angry. We might even begin to feel used by those who seek our knowledge and then negativity settles in and we no longer wish to follow this wonderful spiritual path. Now our life purpose is at risk, and if we go off in another direction, we become unfulfilled and end up forever searching for that inner peace which only comes with our angelic connections.

Choosing this card today is a reminder from the angels that you are safe to accept an energy exchange for your gifts and that they are fully aware that we have a human existence and need to live and pay our bills. They will always help us to spread our angelic gifts by bringing those who need our help into our vibration.

To accompany this card is Power and it really amplifies the message of the first card. Do not allow people to take your power and make you feel as if your ideas and choices do not matter. People only have influence over you if you allow them to! People only have the power to drive you away, make you stop what you wish to do, take your self-confidence… If you allow it.

This year you need to stand in your own power and be heard. You are important and so are the choices that you make right now. The Angels remind you that you can call on them if you need extra strength to do this. Your service to them is important and they acknowledge your prayers. Ask Archangel Michael to cut the ties that bind you to fears, insecurities and people who do not nurture your spirit. You are a powerful being of light and the angels will help you all they can to shine your light brightly into the darkness of the world. All you need to do is just ask them.

Your angel number today is 302.

If your heart is filled with faith and love, you have opened the doors for all of heaven to help you.



– Margaret west

Angel/Angel Tarot reader & Certified Trainer