February Channeled Message

Monthly channeled messageGreetings children of Gaia,

My message for you today is about the illusion of separation.

The concept of a singular vibrational frequency existing on its own and disconnected by all that is, everything that is known and everything that is unknown to humanity is an untruth perpetrated by fear experienced by ego. All energy is connected. Nothing exists within a void – alone and solitary. All energy is connected. It always has been and always shall be, source without end. Each molecule, each cell, each atom of matter though it may appear to the human eye as separate – is not. That is the illusion.

Human beings may believe that they are individualized with unique personalities, unique vibrational energy frequencies that express themselves in modified ways but it is untruth, for there occurs alignments and synchronicities that can never truly be recognized because of the strong belief in individuality. The fear of the ego is strong, it struggles to remain complete and independent with the false belief that if it succeeds then it will remain intact beyond physical death, but that shall not be. The ego is part of the human experience and is not required by those who have experienced transition. Once the human experience is complete and has ended, so too will the ego. Strength does not occur within the one but within the numbers that align, transform, and merge to form one.

The most unnatural thing witnessed on the physical plane of Earth is the constant strive for human beings to be independent and alone. But you are never truly alone. Look to the other species that populate the planet with you and you will discover that many live and flourish within a community, each relaying on the other for support and dependent upon each member of the established colony to provide for the collective. It is these examples that mirror the truth of the universe.

You are not one, alone, individual. You are one of many.

The truth is that we are one.