February Oracle Reading

This month’s message comes from the Wisdom of Avalon.

The Queen is a Messenger of Avalon.

OracleAs a Messenger of Avalon, The Queen is a powerful omen and ally. She represents feminine power, beauty, receptiveness, leadership, fertility, and pregnancy (either metaphorical or literal). She summons you when she desires to bestow her gifts upon you and encourages you to take the opportunity to gift them to those people in your life.

This Queen appears when it is important for you to remember your own self-esteem, self-worth, and to practice self-love. She urges you to remember and reclaim your personal power, perhaps something has occurred in your life that influenced you to forget how powerful you truly are. Now is the perfect time to nurture yourself, to pamper yourself and recognize the beauty and love that radiates from within you. The Queen encourages you to take pride in your own personal accomplishments, to recognize your abilities and talents that have been bestowed upon you by the gods and to allow others to witness and experience them as well.

The Queen represents the need to set boundaries with gentle authority. While now is not a time for isolation it is also not a time for you to allow others to overwhelm you with their personal problems and dramas. You will receive blessings by allowing yourself to be receptive to other people’s trials and tribulations but be mindful of where you have set your limits. Stick to them; allowing people to cross the line you’ve drawn will only allow you to become overwhelmed and is of no real benefit to you and your own spiritual growth. The Queen has the wisdom to delegate when she feels the need, embody The Queen and summon for what it is you require.

The wise leaders, the rulers of the kingdom of Avalon recognize when an ally is needed and are not afraid to ask for the aid and support from those they recognize as friends. The Queen is aware that no kingdom ever succeeded on its own. She recognizes that allies are important to ruling and sustaining a wealthy kingdom, one that she put her own effort into building, and in return for the assistance and provisions she received she gladly shares her wealth.

The Queen presents us with questions for our consideration:

  • In what situations have I undermined my own self-esteem or self-worth?
  • How can I practice self-love?
  • What personal accomplishments do I take pride in?
  • Do I allow others to recognize my talents and abilities? If not, why?
  • Where do I need to establish clearer boundaries?
  • Are there areas where I might delegate responsibilities to others?
  • Would it be beneficial for me at this point to ask for help or support?

This month I encourage you to pamper and nurture yourself. Give yourself the permission to take pride in your own accomplishments and allow others to celebrate them as well. Be mindful of where you have set boundaries and do not be afraid to remind others of them if need be and accept the assistance and support from those whom you trust if your own burdens become overwhelming.



Blessed Be!

– CricketSong
Lunar Wisdom