February Tarot Forecast

I The Magician, Six of Pentacles (R), V The Hierophant, Ace of Cups (R),
III Strength (R), and Queen of Swords (R)

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The Magician is an indicator of the potential of energy; you possess the knowledge, skills, and desire to manifest whatever it is you desire. All the tools required, all the energy needed is present and able to be utilized so that no challenge great or small will hinder you for attaining that which you desire.

The Six of Pentacles represents true charity whether it is given or received. When you look at the image of the card which figure catches your eye first? Is it the woman in the golden colored dress or it is the kneeling children beneath the scales? Are you the one giving of yourself and your abilities or are you the one in the position of receiving? Whichever position you imagine yourself in be aware that there is an equal exchange occurring. The amount of energy you are expending is equivalent to what you are receiving. It is a wonderful energetic frequency to be aligned with; a conduit for blessings that can be not only experienced but physically seen and utilized.

V The Hierophant represents traditions, policies, and rules. While there is wisdom and comfort in traditions sometimes they can also be limiting. Do you currently feel stifled by traditional expectations, laws, regulations, or rules? Are you hindered by policies that have been in place for years? Is this something that can be worked through or around or are your hands proverbially tied? Or perhaps these traditions, policies, and rules are helpful to you and aid to support what you are currently working towards.

The Ace of Cups (R) is connected to The Magician and the Six of Pentacles and is paralleled with Strength. The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of an emotional endeavor, possibly a relationship of some sort or a project or activity that you are invested in completely (body, mind, and spirit). Because the Ace of Cups is connected to The Magician this represents your abilities to have this situation blossom into whatever it is you desire and the Six of Pentacles is an indicator that there is an equal exchange taking place making the outcome beneficial for all involved.

VIII Strength (R) is connected to the Six of Pentacles and The Hierophant and is paralleled with the Ace of Cups. Strength is a card of strength in every aspect: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Because this card is connected to the Six of Pentacles this represents that strength will be required to be held and to be given so that the equal exchange can be maintained while effort is given to the situation and The Hierophant is an indicator that traditions, policies, and rules should be considered while working towards manifesting the intention.

All the cards lead to the Queen of Swords (R). She is the final outcome or manifestation of all the other cards. The Queen of Swords represents a specific personality or energetic frequency that is affecting you and your life experience. She may be the influence of a specific person you have a connection with, whether the person is alive or dead or she could be the indicator of the influence of a Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, ancestor or deity. Lastly she may be a person that you will connect with in the near future. Someone you are currently aligned with but have not physically met. The Queen of Swords is a strong feminine energy that has completed her development and is set in her vibrational alignment meaning that she knows what she wants and knows how to attain it. She does not shrink from personal responsibility in regardless of the consequences of her decisions, words, or behaviors. She may appear unemotional, blunt, aggressive, and selfish however these traits she wears as armor to protect her true nature. Be aware of her influence and be prepared for a challenge if she is the opposing vibrational frequency of the desired outcome. She is a strong adversary but not undefeatable.



– CricketSong
Lunar Wisdom


Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore