February Witches’ Runes Casting

feb15_runeAt the center of this casting, we find the Rings, which represents agreements, contracts, relationships, etc. that we have entered into. Immediately next to the Rings, we find the Crossroads, which represent stagnation. These two are so close that they are touching and tells me that you are feeling held back by your current arrangement in life. It could be personal or professional, but either way it is causing you to feel stuck and as though you are unable to move forward in your life.

Continuing on deosil (clockwise), we find the Eye and the Sun, which tell us that you can grow and move forward on your path, if you want to. Examine where you are currently and where you want to be. Being honest with yourself is very important if you want to achieve growth and change you need to take the proverbial veil off your eyes and see things as they are.

Next we have the Flight and the Man. Once you start examining your life and circumstances, you will find the information that you need to achieve whatever it is that you feel you need in your life. Once you find it don’t waffle, take action. Be aggressive in the pursuit of your goals.

I would point out the Romance is far from the rest of the runes in this casting, which leads to me to wonder whether you feel supported in your life and that’s why you currently feel stagnant in your life. Perhaps you are afraid to make changes because you don’t feel supported by those around you.

Additionally, I don’t generally read the runes that are face down, with the exception of runes that are way out of bounds. The rune in the top right in this casting that is face down is the Waves. This tells me you have some rocky emotions surrounding this whole situation. Since it’s facedown, I’m concerned that you are not dealing with these rocky feelings. Perhaps it goes back to the root of your stagnant situation or perhaps it’s your support structure. I would urge you to examine these emotions if you seek to move beyond your current state of being.



– Willow
A Transformation of Spirit   

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