How do I become a witch?

This is a very complex question with diverse answers.

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  • Some individuals believe that a witch can only be made by another witch.
  • Some individuals believe that you are born a witch.
  • Some individuals believe that you can make yourself a witch with a spell or ritual.
  • Some individuals believe that simply by stating that you are a witch – it makes you one.

Which is the right answer? I would respond, “All of them and none of them.”

  • A witch can become a witch through the process of Initiation.
  • A witch can become a witch by the process of being birthed by a woman who is a practicing witch.
  • A witch can become a witch once he or she casts a spell or does a Dedication (though both of these would imply that the witch had gained some knowledge on the topic of witchcraft).
  • A witch can become a witch by simply stating that “I am a witch” which to me sounds like a very simple Dedication.

Regardless of which way you become a witch I believe it is a process, meaning that there has been a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end, which in this example is to become a witch. These actions or steps don’t occur and cannot be done overnight, at least not from my personal experience but will take study, practice, and a dedication to learn.

Studying can come from books, websites, and videos. Practice is something that the individual would do on their own as well as with other like-minded people or covens. And from my experience learning is best done with the guidance and support of someone who has wisdom and experience such as a mentor, teacher, or coven. This is helpful when having difficulty grasping a complex concept or when trying to master a particular skill. Without the guidance and support of someone else you may find that you are left to decipher things on your own and may miss the more subtle teachings of a particular tenet or belief. Most of my students found me through Witches Voice so I would recommend that website as a reliable source.


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