Invocation for Cernunnos


Oh Cernunnos, I invoke thee, Lord of the Hunt,
By the great mysteries,
By the power of your life, death, and resurrection.
I invoke thee, Cernunnos. I invoke thee.
As you stand at the portal; to The Underworld, reveal yourself to me,
Allow me to see with your eyes.
Guardian of the Green World, most virile of the gods,
Bring forth to me the key to your wisdom and knowledge.
Enlighten me with the secrets of life and death.

I destroy my ego.
I release all worries of life and fears of death.
I open my heart to your presence.
I feel your presence within me.
Your wisdom within my mind.
Oh Great God Cernunnos!
I am a humble student of your mysteries.




​- CricketSong