image1Iolite is a translucent and sometimes even transparent gem variety of the mineral Cordierite. The name Iolite originates from the Greek word ios meaning violet. This mesmerizing crystal comes in many deep hues of purple and blue, but it is also common to see Iolite in shades of grey. This stone contains a sufficient amount of a property known as pleochroism which produces an array of shimmery colors when seen through different positions. It is commonly found in territories such as Australia, Namibia, Tanzania and the Northwest parts of Canada. Iolite is considered a pretty durable and hard stone, ranking a 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Once known as the Viking’s Compass, Iolite is known to move us from one realm to the next. This crystal has to be one of my most cherished. It was one of the first crystals I received, given to me by a local metaphysical store owner. The energy it emits compares to no other.

 This is a great crystal for someone seeking and recovering balance. Iolite helps establish and build a path to your deep inner self and helps you understand the deeper aspects of your mundane actions. Iolite also helps in healing those who suffer from disorientation, mental fog, or confusion. Keeping this stone in its users presence helps dissolve any fear of the unknown. This crystal is commonly used to discover and explore the mind of its owner. Many people find that meditating with this stone helps one come to decision and/or guides them. It’s a stone of realization. Also known as the stone of the muses, Iolite helps spark the creative flame in the human mind and helps brainstorm when it’s user is suffering from any sort of creative block.

 Iolite is a stone popularly used to increase ones inner visions. This crystal mainly resonates with the elements of water and spirit due to its connections with the divine and psychic intuitiveness. Iolite is commonly used in shamanic ceremonies and assists in journeys out of the body. This lovely crystal aids in the development and furthering of psychic visions and clairvoyance, which in turn classifies this stone as a third eye stone, helping clear any energy blockages within the third eye chakra. For those who seem have issues with focusing in meditation, or if your mind is just restless in general, this stone might be useful to you, as Iolite helps quiet it’s users mind, and help slip into a state of deep relaxation.

This stunning crystal proves itself to be a valuable stone of both mental and emotional healing, but also contains many physical healing properties as well. This crystal is known to help regulate the digestion system of its user, targeting the bodies purifying organs such as the liver or kidneys. Iolite is also a memory stimulator and aids in diminishing any mental fog. This crystal helps heal any issues with eyes or things generally to do with vision. It is said that placing this crystal on your forehead between your brow helps get rid of any type of headache or migraine. This crystal also actively promotes detoxification and helps improve its users overall hair or nail growth.