Root Chakra


The Root Chakra is the first chakra we will be covering and is located at the base of the spine. In sanskrit, the root chakra is known as muladhara; “Mula” meaning root, and “adhara” meaning support. The major theme of this chakra is survival, and it will manifest itself in various ways such as with stability, self preservation, a sense of trust, security, physical health, and groundedness. Here are some correspondences related to the root chakra:

Location: base of spine

Color: Red

Foods: proteins, meat

Stones: garnet, hematite, bloodstone, ruby

Essential Oils: clove, rosemary, cypress, cedar

Herbs: Valerian, lime blossom, elder blossom

Animals: elephant, ox, bull

Yoga Path: Hatha Yoga

Yoga Poses: bridge, child’s pose, lying tree pose, deep squat

Element: Earth

When our root chakra is balanced, we have feelings of trust and security in our life, and not easily thrown off by the circumstances of life. There is a strong foundation for life with feelings of protection and security. People with a strongly developed root chakra have an abundance of energy and a strong will to live. Physical manifestations of a healthy root chakra include: healthy bones, teeth, nails, intestines, legs and feet.

Those with root chakra personalities are stable and secure in their lives and believe themselves to be one with nature. They are devoted to their own personal well-being, comfort, family stability, and career success. They are naturally conservative and only concern themselves with the essentials. They are gifted at gardening and relating to animals.

When our root chakra is unbalanced, it can be either in excess or deficiency. When our root chakra is in over-drive, or in excess, it manifests as clinging to security, hoarding possessions, and fear of change. When we have a deficiency in out root chakra, we are frequently in fear, always in “fight or flight” mode even when there is no immediate threat, we have poor boundaries, poor self discipline, and unable to complete tasks that have been started.

An unbalanced root chakra will physically manifest itself with obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, anorexia, knee troubles, bone disorders, frequent illness, inability to focus, the inability to be still, and the inability to be in the present moment.

When the root chakra is imbalanced, problems with the personality are egotism and lack of self control, which will hinder spiritual growth. This could lead to unhealthy relationships with the basic necessities, especially food. There is a great fear for basic survival. Psychologically, those with unbalanced root chakras have a lack of trust, anxiety, depression, and problems surrounding food and money.

The following are signs your root chakra may need balancing:

  • If you don’t feel like you have trust in your life
  • If you don’t feel comfortable or at home in your body
  • If you constantly worry about the future
  • If you are easily overwhelmed
  • If you suffer from chronic fatigue
  • If you do not have adequate exercise for your body
  • If you have poor digestion
  • If you suffer from back pain and/or sciatica

To help get your root chakra healthy and balanced, try to work the following areas in your everyday life:

  • Physically: ground yourself daily and as needed, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep for your body, exercise, drink plenty of water, and get your body in a good state of physical health.
  • Home: physically and energetically clean your home, clear out clutter, consolidate your possessions, finish projects you have started or need to start, make your home comfortable and safe.
  • Business: clean and organize your professional life, pay back loans, stabilize and/or expand — your business/career, ensure it has a solid foundation.
  • Finance: analyze your spending, make a budget, put money into savings if possible, work towards financial stability.
  • Family: connect with ancestors, find the roots of your family, learn about your family history, work to stabilize familial relationships, cut ties with familiar relationships if they hinder your spiritual growth.
  • Element: take time to connect with the Earth, take walks outdoors, be barefoot on the ground, start to garden, spend more time outdoors.

To help strengthen this chakra, use the following affirmation daily or when needed; “I am safe”.



– Katie