Second Imbolc Celebration

diary-opened-pen-letter-40397032Dear Diary,
It’s my second Imbolc celebration, and I am more than excited for ritual! It feels like it’s been so long since the last ritual I’ve attended, but in all reality it’s only been a month or two. I am very excited for Imbolc though because it is one of my favorite Sabbats. The reason it is my favorite is because we are starting to say goodbye to the cold winter and beginning to say hello to longer and warmer days! My least favorite season is winter, it is too cold for my petite body to handle. The frigid air sends my muscles into spasms and makes it hard for me to breathe immediately, the second I walk out into it. This makes it very hard for me to get out of bed, and I’ve been having trouble getting to work on time because I dread going out into the cold that bad! All winter long I dream of the warmer months to come, and immediately dread the cold as soon as September rolls around again. I swear I wasn’t meant to live so far north, even though Massachusetts isn’t as far north as some people are, and it’s not as far north as my ancestors from Ireland and Scotland, but it is too far north for me. I would be happier during more of the year if I wasn’t as cold in the winter months! That is definitely a reason why I went to Los Angeles last month! It was much needed, and being in 60 degree weather for 10 days instead of in 30 degree weather made my body feel a lot less pain!

This Imbolc, I am going to draw a big sun in the snow that is still left on the ground from the snow storm that came the day I landed back in Massachusetts from California. I’m going to do some vigorous cleaning to the rooms that I have. I currently I have a room at my dads house and my aunts house, and they both need some heavy duty cleaning. I might even open up the windows a bit to let all the stuffy air out, even though it is still cold outside! After I clean my rooms, I will probably help clean the rest of both houses. It would be nice if I could get everyone in both houses to participate! Then the whole house would be clean and ready for spring. Once the houses are clean, I will probably tidy up my car! It could use a good vacuuming. During the course of the day, I will try to eat meals rich with seeds or dairy. Both signifying the rebirth of spring. All day I will be visualizing the baby sun God suckling on his mother, the Goddess’, milk. During Imbolc, the Goddess changes from Crone back to Maiden, and won’t change to Mother until Beltane, where it will be nice and warm again. After sunset, I am going to turn all of the lights on in the house, and if possible light some candles in the windows. I’ll end the day with a luscious, warm bath, ridding myself of all things unclean. After my self-purification, I will retreat back to my room to sit in front of my altar for a while before doing an Imbolc guided meditation and going to sleep.

I’m super stoked to start my second Imbolc celebration on Tuesday, the 2nd. And maybe February won’t go by as fast as this January just flew by. I know I was on vacation for 10 days, but I swear every month that goes by, it goes by quicker than the month before it. Maybe that’s just what happens as you age, but if it starts going any faster I don’t think I’m going to be able to catch up with it! It still feels like December to me… At least spring is on its’ way and almost here!

All my love and light,