Tips and Tricks for Writing Your Own Spells


Hello readers! In this month’s Spell Casting and Crafting column we are going to talk about tips and tricks to writing your own spells. Now, I know with a quick Google search you can find plenty of spells online, however those have a few draw backs if you ask me. First, you don’t know who wrote them. Second, you don’t know where they came from. Finally, spells are the most powerful when they are written by you. Spells you write yourself are so much more potent because you are working your own energetic signature into it. They carry your mark, your name. They are 100% custom and will fit the bill every time. So, here are a few tips and tricks for how to successfully go about this.

First, I suggest coming up with a clear outline of what you’re seeking. Is this a spell to find a new job? I’d recommend sitting down with your journal and outlining exactly what you’re looking for in this new place of employment. Be sure you are 100% clear in your head in terms of what you seek so there is no confusion. You need to be able to focus entirely on a strong image of what you’re going for.

Next, consider timing. Is this a spell best done during a certain phase or time? If you’re considering a spell for love, for example, you might want to do this on a Friday because that day of the week is ruled by the goddess Venus. Ar you looking to banish a bad habit? Consider doing the ritual during the waning moon phase when lunar timing is best suited for that. If the working you are doing is an “emergency situation” and you need to act quickly, by all means, proceed without waiting for a certain time to roll around. However, if you can wait, I’d recommend it. Spells that are well timed will be that much more effective.

In writing your own rituals, I would suggest thinking about the format or style you’re going to go with. Are you going to pull out all of the stops, use all the bells and whistles and go high ceremony? Or is this a smaller, more simple ritual involving few tools? Once you’ve determined this, plan accordingly. I would also recommend working to your strengths. For example, having a forte in magickal herbalism I tend to blend my own incense and frequently work with the magickal aspect of herbs. Many of my rituals include this. So if you have something you’re strongly connected to, use it. Don’t be afraid to work with what you’re good at. Magick takes the path of least resistance, they say, so any added push is good.

Another tip which is often overlooked is simple evaluation. Once you’re all finished with your working, sit down with your journal and reflect on it. Consider things that went well, things that didn’t, how you felt, etc. This information can be helpful the next time you’re preparing to write a ritual. This reflection is also a good tool when determining if the spell worked or not. If you haven’t seen any changes or results within a month or so, looking back at what you did might help you pinpoint where things went off target.

The last point I’d like to hit in this article is a reminder of the threefold law or karma. The energy you send out into the universe comes back and we are each held accountable for our actions in this lifetime. Choose wisely, make good decisions and always work towards the greatest good of yourself and others. Doing spells that counteract the free will of another will never end well. Check with your deities, your guides and your intuition to be sure you’re waving that wand wisely.

Good luck, readers and may you manifest a better world for yourself and everyone around you.



Luna Sage