The Arnica plant is a perennial, herbaceous plant grouped in the sunflower family. Arnica’s name may be derived from the Greek root -arni, “lamb”, — referring to it’s soft, hairy leaves. The more prevalent species of Arnica occurs mostly in the temperate regions of western North America. Arnica plants have deep-rooted stems that are typically … More Arnica

How to Have All Mental Channels Open for Success

Strip Away Self-Imposed Limitation Generally speaking, people today have been brainwashed into thinking in limited terms as to their goals, potentials and desires. The mind accepts that it has been trained to do only one kind of work and if that fails, poverty will result. Then, based on one’s background, one is limited as to … More How to Have All Mental Channels Open for Success

The Fourth Way

This is the first book on the Fourth Way that I picked up to read, however I would absolutely not suggest it to anyone else looking to get into the Fourth Way for the first time. Instead, I would suggest the book, In Search of the Miraculous also by P. D. Ouspensky. It gives a much … More The Fourth Way

The Threefold Law

The basic premise of The Law of Return is not strictly Wiccan, it is a universal spiritual principle that any intention or energy that an individual sends out into the universe will be returned to him or her whether it is positive or negative. It does not teach morality as it does not determine what … More The Threefold Law

March Correspondences

Colors: Pale Green, White, Violet Scents: Apple Blossom, Rose, Jasmine, Citrus Nature Spirits: Storm spirits Trees: Alder, Willow, Birch Herbs: Broom, High John Root, Yellow Dock, Wood Betony, Irish Moss Flowers: Jonquil, Pansies, Anemone, Primrose, Crocus Stones: Jasper, Jade, Fluorite, Carnelian Animals: Cougar, Hedgehog, Badger, Hare Birds: Sea Crow, Sea Eagle, Chicken Deities: Ares, Teutates, … More March Correspondences

March Ogham Report

Hi everyone! This month’s reading is pretty stinkin’ cool, in my humble opinion. We have some continuity happening! Also, the Ogham for this reading are right in order, 2, 3, 4. Very interesting! Back in January our reading looked a little something like this:   This month looks like this:  If you look closely, we … More March Ogham Report

Secrets of Syn – Chapter 18

Synchronicity describes a governing dynamic which underlies the whole of human experience. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe what he called the “acausal connecting principle”. He explained that the underlying connectedness between mind and matter manifested itself through meaningful coincidences that could not be explained by cause and effect. These synchronicities occurred when … More Secrets of Syn – Chapter 18