Deck Review: Angel Answers Oracle Deck

Angel answer cards

The Angels Answers deck is Radleigh Valentines first Angel oracle deck with Doreen Virtue, so its lovely to see his vibrant energy bought into these angel cards. It comes with a very good guide book of 92 pages of information that tells you a lot about the cards and how to use them. It has 44 cards with no suits and no numbers, so they are very easy to understand. The back of the deck matches the box and the artwork is beautiful. Each card has its own artwork design and I feel they reflect the meaning of the words on the cards. There are no hidden meanings in these cards, what you see is what you get!

It is a wonderful deck if you need a quick answer. Sometimes you will get cards like ‘ do not worry’ and this is telling you to stop over thinking, all will be well. or ‘Compromise’, which means are you being stubborn about something? So sometimes the card will reflect your question back at you, as there maybe a need to look more in depth into what you are asking. If you are having a hard time, this deck will give you straightforward guidance. It is great for people who are drawn to angels or angel card decks, but do not quite understand how they work. They really strengthen the intuition and give you a good focus point to work with.

The angel Answers deck is one of the most beautiful supplement decks. This deck is not used to do a card spread. It is usually used to get answers from heavens angels to any questions that you may have on your mind.  The cards cannot answer complex questions, but they can give you good guidance and I feel this deck is a ‘must have’  for those people who do angel card readings.

The best way to use this deck is to set your intention by sitting in the quiet, quieting your mind and then ask a question. Shuffle the deck and either pick one from the top or see if a card pops out when you shuffle. The cards have a way of really looking into your question and sometimes the answers can astound you. Enjoy this deck and the vibrant angel energy that seems to permeate every card.



– Margaret West Angel card reader/Trainer
Connections with Spirit