Diary of A New Witch – Ostara


Dear Diary,

It’s March again, which means springtime is in the air! I’m elated to be celebrating my second Ostara, especially to be celebrating this Sabbat with my coven. It joys me to think about the bond that we have created together after the almost year and a half that I have been working with them! Time really does fly by, it hardly seems like shy of a year and a half has gone by since I had started working with the coven that I am now initiated into. I really enjoy working with the other members and the way our energies mesh together so well. I am very excited to see what the next years with them have to offer! I am happy it is them that I am celebrating my second cycle of Sabbats with! Ostara is definitely one of my favorite Sabbats, if only because it means that warmer weather is on its way. The New England cold is too hard for me, and every year I welcome spring with open arms. There is just something about that smell in the air, you can smell that spring is coming; and the breeze starts to warmly caress your face, instead of harshly nipping at it. One of my favorite sights to see is the little green buds of life forming back onto the plant life. Seeing the short, green sprouts breaking through the earth brings joy to my soul. Each year it is always a gentle reminder that with sorrow comes gladness, that with death comes birth, and what ends will always start a new beginning.

Ostara represents fertility; the earth is becoming alive again, and the animals start giving birth to their young. It is the spring equinox, there is balance between night and day yet the light will continue to grow. This is also a time for spring cleaning! Clearing out the clutter in your home and even in your life is always a great thing to do this time of year. A change in eating habits to a more healthier way than over the winter is a great way to start the spring, too! I think on Ostara, I am going to start and end my day with a long jaunt, paying close attention to the plant life beginning to sprout. I am thinking of helping my aunt begin her garden indoors, which we did last year as well. This year, I’d like to give myself a gift of a potted plant. I only have one plant so far and it is a purple passion plant given to me by a friend last summer. It is a beautiful plant and I have loved watering it and watching it grow. I can’t wait to get another plant! I might choose a succulent, I really love them! I’ve always wanted a succulent collection, and I guess this is a great time to start one! Of course ritual with my coven will be held on or around Ostara, which will be beautiful as always! There is just so much to look forward to this month! I can’t wait for Ostara Celebrations!

Another thing this month is I need to get my health on track. A very important thing about being a witch is not only keeping the mind and spirit in check, but also the body. I have been procrastinating going to the many doctors that I am in need of seeing for reasons I am not quite sure of, but the longer I wait, the more sick I’ve been feeling. I am definitely dedicating the month of March to my health, and making sure that everything in my body is well. Honestly, I am really looking forward to 2016, and I am not used to saying that about the new year but with all of the knowledge and wisdom I have learned and gained in the last two years or so has left me yearning for the future instead of dreading it. All I have to say is, bring on the rest of the year! It goes by quick and I’m ready to take it all in and learn from it, not just let it pass me by. I can only hope this year will bring in the knowledge the last few have. However sometimes it seems as though you never realize the lessons until they have well passed… whatever it brings, I will take it with the best that I have.

With all my love and light,