How to Have All Mental Channels Open for Success

basic human rightStrip Away Self-Imposed Limitation

Generally speaking, people today have been brainwashed into thinking in limited terms as to their goals, potentials and desires. The mind accepts that it has been trained to do only one kind of work and if that fails, poverty will result. Then, based on one’s background, one is limited as to the type of person he/she can attract, or that medicine is the only sure way to heal a physical condition.

We live, so we are told, in an age of specialization. We have heard this so many times in the past few years that most people have come to accept that their own life is also specialized–so specialized that the flexibility of the mind has become brittle and ready to break if things are not happening through the self-imposed channel of specialization.

However, we DO NOT need to limit ourselves. The Universe, in its tremendous versatility of expression, exists at the center of our minds and as the TRUE SELF of ourselves. If you have gotten into the “specialization rut” in your thinking, now is the time to strip away all notion of limitation from your mind so that good can reach you. In so doing, you will begin to create a mental atmosphere that leaves the UNIVERSAL MIND of the DIVINE within you the freedom to reach you with good through all channels.

All Channels are Open to You

Metaphysically, it is the utmost importance to be a positive thinker, a creative thinker; it is also important to be an “All-Channel Thinker”. To think, feel, act and have the consciousness of one who has many ways and avenues through which good can reach you, in any and all areas of your life. This means economically, health-wise and in personal relationships. Begin to feel that all the conscious mental doors of your mind are open to higher intuitive direction to guide you to receive the results you want in life, through many different channels.

Guidelines for Having All Channels Open for Your Success

  • Begin to get a picture in your mind of yourself as a person who has all channels open to receive good in all areas through the Universal Mind of the Divine working through you.
  • Periodically, during your daily activities, feel that all channels of your mind are open and receptive to receiving “vibrations of good” flowing to you and from the Mind of the Divine at the center of your mind.
  • Think of yourself as a person who constantly receives good as pleasant surprises from unexpected and unplanned sources.
  • For any one thing that fails, feel that many new things open to you.
  • Feel that you are a multi-faceted person because of the universality of the DIVINE-MIND within you, and that, there are many things open to you because you can handle them through the wisdom of your indwelling DIVINE-MIND.
  • Picture your conscious mind as an absorbent sponge which soaks up directive thoughts from your DIVINE-MIND, constantly leading you to new avenues of successful experience.
  • Feel always that your mind is constantly expanding into new horizons of understanding and awareness through which new good can reach you.
  • Don’t let the opinions of others make you feel limited as to the ways good may reach you. Most people limit themselves and try to suggest limitations to others. Don’t let others limit you. The only opinion that truly counts is the opinion you have of yourself.
  • Realize that by having all channels open, you receive good into your life, more as a result of intuition and creative ideas than by hard work and the sweat of your body.
  • Each day, realize that the unseen but very real Presence of the Divine is setting into motion energy that will draw good to you.
  • Realize that you are forever an individualized expression of the Divine’s Universality, which seeks to express in many ways through you.

All-Channel Affirmations

Give the following affirmations to yourself while in a light state of meditation, or write them down on an index card to be carried with you and refer to them throughout your day.

“All channels of my mind are open to receive from all channels that are opened for me through my higher Divine-Mind.”

“Universal flexibility exists in my mind and thereby opens many avenues through which good can reach me.”

“All channels of prosperity are open and flowing to me now through the power of the Universal Mind within me.”

“All channels of my mind are open to new vistas of creativity from the Universal Source within me.”

Prayer Treatment

Divine Source dwelling within, into your Presence I direct these words: My mind is totally open that all channels of my mind may receive good that you wish for me, for I am an individualized expression of your Universal Presence. I recognize the universality of your expression and the multitude of ways through which greater good can enter my life. Therefore, all channels of my mind are open to receive through whatever way you deem good can reach me. For this realization, I Give Thanks – And So It Is!



– Ruth David
Utopia’s Path Tea Shoppe & Apothecary