March Angel Card Reading

This month the angels are telling you to pay attention to their guidance.


1Card One – Pay attention to the red flags

This is an angelic warning that you need  to stop and pay attention to what is happening around you. There seems be a lot of things happening in your life at the moment and you are either burying your head in the sand about some issues or you are missing the warning signs that they are there. I feel this is to do with emotional aspects of your life. Is your relationship floundering and you are ignoring that fact, or has something dramatically changed in the relationship?  Whatever is happening, you need to sit up and pay attention. This will not go away on its own and could be made more complicated by just leaving it


Card Two – Be honest with yourself

This card leads on from the first and tells us that the truth of the situation is before you, so I am thinking that you know the red flag signs are there, but maybe you are hoping the issues will go away on their own, or you feel too afraid to face them. Change is needed for this relationship or situation to find its correct footing again. Do not be afraid to bite the bullet and say ‘ I feel something is wrong, can we talk about it.’ The angels are supporting you with this and you are not alone. Focus on what you want from this relationship/situation as your thoughts are very powerful manifestors at the moment. Empower the ‘talk’ with this positive intent and they will help to create the right vibration to facilitate the change that is needed.

3Card three – You are not alone

This card really reiterates card two. Sometimes we can be surrounded by people and yet feel so alone. Locked away in our own troubled minds is not something that is easy to get away from, but we need to try. Maybe we put on a brave face for others, but the angels know us really well and they understand our feelings of despair. They are telling us that they will support us in anyway that they can. All we need to do is ask them.  The green in this picture brings to mind Archangel Raphael, the healer who helps to heal the emotions, the Orange is Archangel Uriel, the regent prince, who brings gods light to us in times of need and helps us with our free will to make decisions which are not always easy, and then we have the blue of Archangel Michael, who lifts away our fear based thoughts and offers us his protection as we work through our problems. These are such powerful angels that stand beside us right now. Call on them to help with this emotional issue or situation.

Allow them into your life and know that they always have the best intentions for you and your personal growth.



– Margaret West Angel card reader/Trainer
Connections with Spirit