March Correspondences


Colors: Pale Green, White, Violet

Scents: Apple Blossom, Rose, Jasmine, Citrus

Nature Spirits: Storm spirits

Trees: Alder, Willow, Birch

Herbs: Broom, High John Root, Yellow Dock, Wood Betony, Irish Moss

Flowers: Jonquil, Pansies, Anemone, Primrose, Crocus

Stones: Jasper, Jade, Fluorite, Carnelian

Animals: Cougar, Hedgehog, Badger, Hare

Birds: Sea Crow, Sea Eagle, Chicken

Deities: Ares, Teutates, Black Isis, Astarte, Athena, Minerva, Artemis, Luna, Holda, Anath

Element: Water

Power Flow: Spring Sowing, Energy breaks open, Prospering, Exploring, Seeing the truth in your life no matter how it may hurt, Healing, Removing Negativity, Abundance, Exploration, Inner child work, Visions, New beginnings, Balance



A Transformation of Spirit