March Ogham Report

Hi everyone!

This month’s reading is pretty stinkin’ cool, in my humble opinion. We have some continuity happening! Also, the Ogham for this reading are right in order, 2, 3, 4. Very interesting!

Back in January our reading looked a little something like this:

Ogham Reading


This month looks like this: 3 March 2016 - Ogham Report

If you look closely, we can see that in March’s reading the first stave (past) is Rowan (Luis) which just so happened to be the stave that was in January’s future slot. Not only that, but the overall theme of January is this month’s future slot. I love that we’re getting some of the same staves because it means that we’re working through what needs to be worked through.

Ok, here goes. So this month we have a simple past, present, future reading. Left most is past, center is present, right most is future, pretty simple, yeah?

In the past slot, as I mentioned, we have Rowan (Luis). This tree is associated with the Goddess Brighid, who is my Matron and what I find most interesting is that she’s a Goddess of both fire and water. She of the forge and the well, and many people think that the two can have a hard time coinciding. I’m reading this as a symbol that we are finally starting to learn how to make peace with what we’re struggling with.

The center, present stave is Alder (Fearn). This tree is a water lover, and is all about letting your intuition guide you. It is also associated with the god Bran, a god of protection, which Rowan is also known for. Alder, because of its water resistant wood (I may have mentioned this before) is used in the building of bridges. I feel a bad joke coming on…nothing like Alder to make a bridge over troubled water, right? Huh? Anyone? Get it? Moving on….

The last stave we have is Willow (Saille), which is also a water loving tree. She’s one of the trees that pops out in first in the Spring time, which is the direction we’re heading in here on the East Coast of the USA. Willow reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. From the first two staves it seems like we’re all getting over some balancing issues, some issues with protecting ourselves, with making things just work. Willow and the coming signs of Spring are gently reminding us that we have got to hang on, and all the choppy waves will smooth out.

❤ Peace,