March Witches’ Runes Casting


The first thing of note in this reading is that there are a lot of unknowns. There are things that are hidden or that you don’t see at this time.

There isn’t really a center in this reading, so we will start with the Eye and the Scythe, which are the two runes to the right that are touching each other. The Scythe tells us that there is something toxic in your life, something that no longer serves you. It needs to end, even if it you don’t want to. Cut it out of your life. The Eye tells us that you see that this situation or person in your life is not healthy for you.

The three runes to the left: at the top – the Waves, in the middle – the Moon, and at the bottom – the Flight, speak of conflict. The Moon tells us that there is a lot hidden in the shadows. Things are unclear to you at this time. The Waves speaks to your emotions, while the Flight speaks to your intellect. Are you emotionally attached to the toxicity even though, logically, you know that it is unhealthy? My advice would be to carefully weigh the consequences. What does your life look like if you cut it out of your life? What does it look like if you allow it to remain in your life? Which one is the best situation for you? Does the toxicity stem from a friend or family member that you truly love but does not give anything to you? Perhaps the answer is to create boundaries and close the open door into your life that you have given this person. No one can give you the answer, you must find it within yourself.



– Willow
A Transformation of Spirit