PCP and PCM are legit. Here’s how to make it work for you.

everyday pagan

On some social media platforms pc pagans and pc witches were getting a lot of backlash from other practitioners and pcp and pcm were called “fake” and many other names that I won’t type out here.

While this path is not for everyone (can’t that be said for any pagan path?) I don’t think that means that it’s not a real or viable path that many people can utilize to bring some spirituality into their lives.

In my ¬†monthly affirmation column this month I mention that thoughts are energetic vibrations. Thoughts create. So why can’t you use your thoughts on topics that you love in your spirituality? If you really like the spell that some witches used in your favorite T.V. show why not use it? This is one pagan path where your imagination can help you tremendously.

It also stands to reason that pop culture is the stuff that our everyday lives are made up of. We constantly watch movies, shows, listen to music, see television ads, hear them on the radio. We’re always surrounded and using this constant energetic buzz can be a great way to connect yourself to the world as well as to do some inner work.

So, last month I gave my readers “homework” to make a list of media that they enjoy – a favorite song or show they watch. Now, I’m going to show you how I “dissect” my favorite media so that I can use it in my practice.

The first step is the easy part: pay attention. Make sure you watch and listen to and read what you really like. Once you’re doing that simply paying attention will help loads. Look up the lyrics. Pay attention to dialogue in your shows, don’t let it just play in the background.

After that try to look more closely at whatever it is you’re paying attention to. Look up song lyrics, see if you can find a re-run of the show that’s playing. If you can’t, make sure to grab a notebook so you can jot things down during commercials for shows, or if there’s an ad you see that you like!

Try to make connections – this is where a knowledge of correspondence might come into play, or you can always look things up in your favorite books and on your favorite websites.

For example one of my favorite songs right now is ” LA Devotee” by Panic! at the Disco. One of my favorite lyrics is “…drinking white wine in the blushing light, just another L.A. devotee.” I immediately picked up the play on words. He’s talking about white wine in the “blushing” light, and I remembered that there is such a thing as blush wine (general name for sweet pink wines) so two references to wine had me filing this away for workings with Dionysus, god of wine and other things.

Honestly that’s all there is to it. PCM is just taking your favorite forms of entertainment, and finding connections and then working on strengthening those connections in order to use them in your practice, which in my mind takes as much time, energy and research as any pagan path.

Happy Crafting!