Ostara is upon us. Naturally, I thought this month’s Power Animals column would be about rabbits, or lambs, or chickens — you know, a springtime plush animal you see at any store this time of year. Of course, Goddess had other plans. Snake came to me in three dreams this month, and I could not … More Snake

PCP and PCM are legit. Here’s how to make it work for you.

On some social media platforms pc pagans and pc witches were getting a lot of backlash from other practitioners and pcp and pcm were called “fake” and many other names that I won’t type out here. While this path is not for everyone (can’t that be said for any pagan path?) I don’t think that … More PCP and PCM are legit. Here’s how to make it work for you.

The Intellectual Center

The first center that we will discuss is the Intellectual Center. This is the most important center in the discussion of becoming awake and following the Fourth Way system as it is the center that is most readily in control of the majority of us. It is the only center that will listen to itself, … More The Intellectual Center

God of the Month: Hades

Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld. Eventually, his name would come to describe the Underworld. He is in charge of funeral rites and defends the dead’s right to burial. Hades also had a multitude of the most precious metals and soil from the Earth, earning him the title “God of Wealth” in addition … More God of the Month: Hades

March Tarot Forecast

Page of Swords (R), Queen of Pentacles (R), Ten of Cups, Queen of Swords (R), Two of Wands (R), and I The Magician (R) The Page of Swords (R) represents a specific personality or energetic frequency that is in the process of influencing you and your life experience. The Page may be the energy of a specific person you have a … More March Tarot Forecast

March Oracle Reading

This month’s message comes from the Wisdom of Avalon. The Water Faery is a Guide of Faery. As a Guide of Faery, the Water Faery reminds the traveler that emotions and feelings may be the force that is guiding you along your life path at this moment in time but just as the water in … More March Oracle Reading