It was inevitable. Hawk was definitely going to make an appearance in this column at some point. It was all a matter of time. I would wait for Hawk, my personal totem, to let me know when the time was right to write about him. This month, it finally happened. I’ve acknowledged Hawk as my … More Hawk

The Wheel of the Year

The Wiccan calendar of holy days or sacred days is referred to as The Wheel of the Year. It is called “The Wheel of the Year” because when drawn, it resembles a wheel with each spoke representing a progression or celebration of the season as it passes. In this way the wheel turns as the … More The Wheel of the Year

God of the Month: Vali

It seems there may be two gods named Vali throughout Norse mythology. Most sources refer to them as Vali I and Vali II. There are enough similarities between the two to make the argument that they may be the same deity, but since the lineage is very different, as are other circumstances, the opposite argument … More God of the Month: Vali

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra in ascending order and is located just below the navel. In sanskrit, the sacral chakra is known as svadhisthana, meaning “sweetness or loveliness”. The Major theme of this chakra is sexuality, feminine energy, sensuality, fertility, and creative life energy. Here are some correspondences related to the sacral chakra: … More Sacral Chakra