A Ritual of Gratitude

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life it can be difficult to remember to slow down and be thankful for the little things. While every single day can be a blur of coffee, work, kids, significant others, friends, dinner and then bed time before you know it, how can be make a point to stop and appreciate the little things? It’s those small things and those in between moments that make life sweet, so how can we remember to turn our eyes to the universe and show gratitude? Below is a simple ritual of gratitude that you can modify as needed and a few tips for being sure you’re stopping to smell the roses.

Items needed:
Small stones collected from outside or from a craft store
A bowl
Any ritual supplies you need as outlined by your personal practice or tradition guidelines

A small notebook and pen in place of the stones and bowl

The ritual:
1. Cleanse your sacred space as you usually would. I personally recommend smudging with white sage.

2. Ground and center, calming your breathing and bringing yourself to a relaxed state.

3. Open circle as outlined by your personal practice or tradition guidelines.

4. Call the elements and deity as outlined by your personal practice or traditional guidelines.

5. If you decide to use the stones and bowl:
When you’re ready, stand in front of your altar and hold the stones in your hand. Visualize how the water of a stream may have run over them, consider the warmth of the sun on them as they lay on the soil.

Place the small stones, one by one, into the bowl on your altar and name what you’re grateful for. For example: placing a stone into the bowl I might say out loud “I am thankful for my health.”; placing the next I may say “I am thankful for my partner.” It could be as complex or as simple as you like, for example: “I am thankful for the ten minutes of quiet in the morning before everyone wakes up, so I can begin my day in a grounded and calm place.” Continue on as needed until you’re out of stones or you have expressed everything you wish.

Take a moment and reflect on the pile of stones in the bowl and recognize how many there are. The small things, the big things, they all make a difference and they all amount to abundance. Reflect on that for a few and be sure to speak your gratitude out loud.

6. If you decided to use the notepad and pen:
Use the same steps above, but write down the items onto slips of paper and put them into a pile. You could also use a bowl to collect them or a mason jar would also work.
When you’re done writing slips of paper, look at how many you have. Reflect on the abundance in your life.

7. When you’re ready, release circle, deity, the elements, etc. as reflective of your personal path or tradition.

8. Leave the bowl/stones/papers on your altar and each time you see it, make sure to pause a moment and speak some words of gratitude. Let it serve as a visual reminder of all that you have.

If you opted to use slips of paper, you could unfold and read a few of them if you’re having a day where you feel down or discouraged.

We all have many things to be grateful for and I hope this simple ritual brings to light all of the abundance that occurs each day.

Brightest blessings!!!