A Witch’s Tools – The Chalice

A chalice is a goblet or footed cup intended to hold drink. Within witchcraft It is one of the four elemental tools; the other three being the pentacle, blade, and wand. It is used most frequently though not exclusive during a ceremonial ritual and is a symbol shared with many of the world’s religions. Chalices have regularly been noted in various mythologies as priceless holy objects such as The Holy Grail of Arthurian literature.

The ancient Roman chalice or calix was a vessel, commonly used at symposium. It was a flat bowl with two handles supported by a stem, but over time the cup developed from a bowl shape to that of a small beaker with two handles and was made of bronze, silver, or gold. The simpler version of the calix was made of clay, wood, or glass and was called a porulum. It bore no handles and was wider at the base and narrower at the rim, much like a modern brandy snifter, which meant it captured the aroma of the wine and retained heat in cold weather.

Similar to the first Roman calix was the chalice used by the early Christian church, specifically to receive the symbolic Blood of Christ during Mass. Just as with the Roman cup the design of the Christian chalice developed over time; the base became larger and a node on the stem was added to raise the bowl. Eventually the Christian church dictated detailed regulations on the crafting, blessings, and treatment of their chalices as it is considered one of the most sacred vessels within their worship.

chaliceA witch’s chalice or ritual goblet is a symbol of not only the element of water, but that of sacred feminine energy particularly the womb of creation. It is crafted to have a bowl, stem and base; symbolically the rim of the bowl receives spiritual energy, the stem symbolizes the connection between matter and spirit, and the base represents the material realm. The cup is a magickal tool for the gathering, containment, and disbursement of water, wine, other liquids, and energy. The liquids contained within the chalice may be consumed by the witch or used for libations to honor the Old Ones, Ancestors, deity, or other spiritual entity. Your chalice may be made of any natural substance you desire such as: glass, clay, ceramic, stone, metal or wood. Just as in practices years ago, the witch could also use items such as shells, horns, or gourds as a ritual goblet.



– CricketSong
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