April Angel Card Reading

card 1

Card 1. You are a powerful light worker

With April comes new growth to the planet and to us. This is a month where you need to acknowledge  what you would like to do and then go for it. Sometimes you may lack confidence because you are comparing yourself to others and wishing you were more like them.  However, you are forgetting that you can never be like that person, because they are on a completely different life journey. You need to look at your own progression and how you can make it better. You are being called this month to start that  new project or continue with one you may be already on, even if you believe you will not be good at it. Your energy is powerful right now, which means your thoughts are too. You have the ability to manifest vibrations that can either hinder your progress or help you to sail through it.


card 2

Card 2. Francesca

The angels message here is really reiterating the first card and it tells you to stop, take a breath, and really think about what it is that you want to achieve. If you live in fear based thoughts, then that is what you will create around you. Nothing will go right, and your self-fulfilling prophecies will start to come true, because you sent those thoughts out into the universe. You need to visualise that you are achieving , see it, feel it, know it to be true and then watch how everything changes around you. More positive people will enter your life, your work will be praised and you will realise there is nothing holding you back from doing well except yourself. Ask Archangel Michael to remove your blocks and fears. Wear blue when you feel worried, Michaels colour will give you balance, wear a blue Lapis lazuli, to release any worries or anxieties you might be feeling. Then maybe wear a yellow scarf to give you that empowerment and bring in the creativity of Archangel Uriel.


card 3

Card 3. Raye

The Angels remind you this month that self-care is important for clear thinking and a healthy life. When you get stressed your thoughts become overwhelming and you begin to make wrong decisions. As this is a month of progression you will need to clear your energy by maybe going on a long walk in the park, beach or somewhere that makes you feel calm. Go to a gym and flex those tired muscles, release the toxins building up that cause dis-ease. From a healthy body, healthy thoughts are born. So give yourself this time, nurture your inner spirit, and see the creativity flow from you, releasing any blocks that are holding you back.




– Margaret West Angel card reader/Trainer
Connections with Spirit