April Channeled Message

Monthly channeled messageGreetings children of Gaia,

My message for you today is about humanity’s evolution.

Humanity resides in what is known as the third dimension. This is the dimension of matter. Human beings that believe that the third dimension is the only dimension suffer from the illusion of separation. As I have spoken of before, there are many other dimensions where other beings align and it is these beings that aid and guide the beings of the third dimension through their ascension or evolution process to the fourth dimension.

Aligned with the third dimension is your universe including your planet, the planet known as Earth. Both the universe and all that is aligned with it is energetically shifting. The electromagnetic field of each planet, each sun, each star, each galaxy is shifting and thus transforming. This is a natural occurrence as the expansion of All That Is continues. The natural rhythms of the Earth along with all beings that reside upon Her naturally shift if they are aligned with the growth and expansion of All That Is. Those who do not align with growth, will not shift and will remain in the third dimension.

Humanity is moving through this vibrational heightening or process of what you have termed enlightenment. This is the dawning of a new era for humanity. The evidence of such a shift is clearly seen if you are opened to perceiving it. Once the process is complete, humanity will have abilities that they have only imagined possible. They will have the ability to see beyond what the third dimension provides and will be granted easier access to their intuitive nature as they attune themselves with the highest vibrational frequencies available to all at that time. Your physical universe as you have come to perceive it will become aligned with a new dimension. No longer will you be restrained by the physical laws as you have known them. Though not all have been restrained and have reached beyond what the greater population has accepted as truth, the majority of humanity will be opened and aware of their possibilities.

This is an auspicious time. It is also a time of great personal transition. We encourage you to begin preparations; align yourself with what you know to be your truth, recognize your authentic self and no longer hide in fear, and be opened to change. We are here to guide and support you. We are One.