April Ogham Report

4 AprilHello everyone! Welcome to this month’s Ogham reading. As you can see I did another three stave read. This time we have the following: Ash (which we’ve gotten twice before), Yew and Birch.

Ash – We’ve had this before, so we sort of know what it’s all about by now. It’s protective, it was highly revered by the Celts since they thought that this tree is what connected the Earth and the Sky, which, you know, is a big deal. I do wonder why we’ve gotten this stave in the exact same position in January, February and now in April.

When I pull these staves I ask that they send us messages for the majority of the readers. So, if you’ve been reading this column then I would ask you to take a look at your spirituality. See if you can strengthen any practices, since the Ash tree can grow to be incredibly tall and therefore needs a good root system, in order to figure out just what’s tripping us up so that we keep getting this stave. Is there something we can’t let go of since this is in the customary “past” slot? Take some time to look inwards and see what’s going on.

Yew – We haven’t had this stave before, and I’m excited to introduce it to you. Yew is the last tree in the Ogham alphabet and Yew is a really interesting tree because of how old it can get to be. In fact theĀ Fortingall Yew in Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland is thought by modern experts that is is over 3,000 years and it may be the oldest tree in Britain.

However, despite it being so old, it’s also poisonous to humans which is a nice juxtaposition for us to look at during this time in our lives since this stave is in our “present” slot. We should look at what we want to keep around, and what we want to go away. I say this because the next tree is…

Birch – Interestingly enough Birch is the first tree in the Ogham alphabet, so having Yew and then Birch tells me that our cycle is going to keep going and we’re going to keep moving forward once we decide just what we want to keep in our lives and what we want to let die away.

Also, it’s interesting to note that Birch will be one of the first trees to root and grow after a forest fire, so remember that as you burn away that which doesn’t serve you that Birch will be there to allow you to grow in what looks like total ruin.