April Oracle Reading

This month’s message comes from the Wisdom of Avalon.

Risk is a Sacred Journey Marker.


The Marker of Risk brings anticipation into your journey as you walk your life path. The future is unknown to you because your outcome is fluid until you make a decision and apply action. Each time you encounter a challenge or obstacle, approach a fork in the path or stand at the crossroads, risk is always right there with you. There is always the chance that with your solution, your fight, your selection or choice, you might experience injury or loss; that your action could create something detrimental or consequences that are undesired, but that is the nature of risk. In order to gain enlightenment, personal gnosis, or occult understandings, you are required to take the risk.

This card encourages you to have faith in yourself, to intuitively know that you have the ability to transform your reality into a situation that will enable you to expand and grow. Having faith in yourself and your psychic abilities will allow you to experience risk and reap the benefits of the outcome.

As we navigate along our sacred life path we are asked to examine how we feel when we encounter Risk.

  • Is engaging in this current situation worth the risk involved?
  • What does my intuition suggest I do right now?
  • Will I allow myself to surrender to my fears?
  • What about the unknown scares me the most?
  • What do my Spirit Guides council in this situation?

This month I encourage you to engage with Risk. Trust your intuition, listen to the council of your Guides and face your fears with courage and be witness to the appearance of your next Sacred Journey Marker.



Blessed Be!

– CricketSong
Lunar Wisdom