April Tarot Forecast

Five of Pentacles, XX Judgement, XVII The Star (R), Four of Swords (R),
Ace of Cups (R), and IX The Hermit


Five of Pentacles represents the energy of a situation that requires your immediate attention. This situation has been lingering in your life for an extended period of time, It is a condition that you have been reluctant to address and release, however it is vital that you unleash the vibration from your life experience now so that you are able to move forward free of the weight this situation has been placing on you. At first when you let go of the energy you may be uncomfortable or experience distress, you intuitively know that if you recognize your own power and have faith in your own abilities and skill, you will be able to move pass the issue and find peace once everything is settled.

XX Judgement is the indicator of an opportunity in which you are able to resolve the situation before you, transforming the energy of the situation into something beneficial not only for yourself, but for all those involved and influenced by the situation. You are the only one responsible for passing judgement and deciding the actions required in this situation, pass judgement wisely with focus on your own fears and desires concerning the outcome of the situation.

XVII The Star (R) represents your dreams, hopes, and wishes. It is a symbol of your “truth” and personal desires. Recognizing and acknowledging The Star will illuminate your personal motivates and inspirations in your life giving clarity to your behaviors and decisions, until you realize this, you will remain in the darkness without deeper understanding of yourself leading to poor decisions that are unaligned with that which you truly desire.

The Four of Swords (R) is connected to the Five of Pentacles and XX Judgement and is paralleled with the Ace of Cups. The Four of Swords represents decisions that require serious concentration and focused attention. It is the pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together in order to gain clarity and move forward toward a resolution. This situation is one that you have been allowing to linger in your life, a condition that you have been denying or reluctant to release as indicated by the Five of Pentacles, but now is the time for you to pass Judgement, make a decision and act on it because until you do so you will be stagnant in this current wave of anxiety and stress. This may be a similar situation to one you have handled in the past, so hold on to your confidence and work toward a resolution.

The Ace of Cups (R) is connected to The Star and Judgement and is paralleled with the Four of Swords. The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of an emotional endeavor, possibly a relationship of some sort or a project or activity that you are invested in completely (body, mind, and spirit). Because the Ace of Cups is connected to The Star this indicates that the situation is one that you dream, hope, and wish for and once you recognize this, once you acknowledge and accept it, even if others do not believe it to be “right” or “a good choice,” you will be able to move toward that which you desire for yourself. Remember, you are the one to pass Judgement, you are the one to make the decision.

All the cards lead to IX The Hermit. He is the final outcome of all the other cards in this layout. The Hermit is an indicator that you should take a moment and contemplate where you have been with the situation, where you are in the present moment regarding the situation, and what you see for yourself in regards to this situation. Will you move forward towards what you truly desire or will you let others make that decision for you? Will you recognize your own power and abilities and work with them or will you remain in denial and refuse to release that which is most beneficial for you to let go of? The Hermit reminds you that it is you alone that is responsible for the outcome, that it is you alone that is responsible for your choices, and that it is within your power and control to shape your future.



– CricketSong
Lunar Wisdom



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