April Witches’ Runes Casting


Since there is no central rune, I find myself drawn to the Crossroads in the top right corner. This rune tells me that you are feeling stuck right now, perhaps you have fallen into a rut or you have a decision to make and you feel that you have too many options in front of you. The face up rune to its left is the Star. This rune is representative of your highest goals and deepest desires. With the two separated by the face down rune, it suggests to me that there is something blocking you from this goal and that is why you are feeling stagnated. Directly below the Star, is the Rings. This rune represents the ties that bind. It can represent a formal agreement such as a contract that you have entered into an informal agreement such as “agreements” we make when we enter into relationships in our personal lives. Either way, these agreements affect us and how we approach life. To the right of this rune, we have the Romance. This rune represents your emotional connections to others. Perhaps you don’t feel supported or there is something emotionally holding you back.

Way down at the bottom of this reading, we find the Sun. This rune represents growth. Since it is just within the circle, this tells me that you want to grow and change, but due to the situation within your relationships, this may be challenging. This is reinforced by the fact that the Harvest and Scythe, in the top left corner are completely outside the circle. The Harvest represents your success. The Scythe tells us there is something you need to end, but are hesitant to due so. Because this reading focuses so heavily on your relationships, this suggests to may that you may need to end a relationship that is no longer serves you and is holding you back in order to achieve the success that you are after. Overall, my feeling is that you need to examine your relationships to ensure that you are in relationships that are bolstering you up, rather than bringing you down so that you can move forward in your life toward your goals rather than staying stuck.



A Transformation of Spirit