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Chrysocolla is a minor ore of copper commonly found in large masses around the world. It’s most popular mining sites include Israel, Arizona, Peru, and Mexico! The colors of this crystal comes in all different hues of green and blue. Because of its color, Chrysocolla is sometimes mistaken as turquoise. This stone is pretty soft to the touch, and has a 2.5-3.5 average hardness on the Mohs hardness scale. The name Chrysocolla originates from the Greek chrysos “gold” and kolla “glue” and was one of the few copper ores historically used to solder gold.

Chrysocolla is a stone of communication and aids it’s user in expressing their inner truth and wisdom. People who are usually shy or soft-spoken tend to benefit from this stone. It is also a great stone for those going through any major life changes, making the process of adjusting to change a lot smoother. Chrysocolla is commonly associated with learning. It helps encourage its user to learn and share their knowledge with others, so that they may benefit from these experiences/insights. This crystal draws off negative energy, and replaces it with the calm nurturing vibrations of the goddess.

As a stone that invokes great inner strength, Chrysocolla is extremely beneficial to relationships that have become rocky. This stone frees bottled up emotions that block the mind from thinking clearly, while providing balance to those feeling off. Chrysocolla also helps overcome phobias. It is said that if you sleep with a Chrysocolla pebble under your pillowcase, you are assured to have a tranquil night’s rest. This crystal encourages self awareness and helps it’s user see their own personal power. Chrysocolla imparts confidence and sensitivity, and also inspires creativity in the user, especially in an artistic sense! This crystal calms emotional stress, encourages inspiration, and brings in joy!

Commonly referred to as “The Goddess stone”, Chrysocolla is charged with empowering feminine energy. This stone is commonly associated with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Sophia, as well as Greek goddess of Earth, Gaia. Although it’s color associates it with the throat or heart chakra, this crystal cleanses and balances all chakras. This stone stabilizes your root, rids the sacral chakra of isolation, draws guilt from the solar plexus, heals heartache and increases love in the heart, improves communication but helps you discern when to keep silent (throat), and opens psychic vision in the third eye chakra. Chrysocolla is the stone of life and fertility and corresponds directly with the Spring Equinox or Ostara.

There are a significant amount of ailments and dis-eases that Chrysocolla has been said to help defeat and cure. This crystal treats arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasms, the digestive tract, ulcers, blood disorders, and people with lung problems. Chrysocolla oxygenates the blood and also detoxifies the liver, kidneys, and intestines! It is also said to help aid it’s user during any PMS or menstrual cramps. This stone strengthens the thyroid and is extremely beneficial to the metabolism.