Original Characters as Spirit Guides

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Welcome back to Pop Culture Paganism and Magick.

This column will be all about utilizing original characters as spirit guides, although I do want to mention using other characters as well.

One of my best friends just asked me if thinking of the goddess Bast like Cat Woman was a form a PCP/PCM. It is! The beauty of PCP/PCM is that you’re able to take concepts that are relatable (such as Cat Woman) and being able to use them to connect to deities, spirit guides or what have you .

This might be why using your own characters is a route that some PC Pagans like to travel on. This gives you the ability to connect to an entity that looks the way that you want them to, you have a special connection with them, and, in my experience, you’re able to connect better because you created them!

You can either create a character for a specific reason – like a study buddy for midterm time in school, or you can have an all purpose guide. I remember one NaNoWriMo I “adopted” a character from another writer that wasn’t going to use this character and now they’re one of my guides. They just stuck around and wouldn’t be ignored.

So, what do you do if you’re not a writer? First, don’t sweat it. You don’t really have to be a writer at all. Many of us have headcanons; ideas about characters that form from reading/watching material that isn’t necessarily written into the original work.

One of the things you can do is use your own headcanons to work with characters in a capacity that normally wouldn’t be possible if you just went by the original work that you were inspired from.

If you do want to make an original character here are some steps you can take in created a guide that can work for you.

  1. Figure out the purpose of this character. Will they be for protection, study, empowerment?
  2. Try to meditate with this theme in mind and see if anyone comes to you! Many times if we reach out someone will usually be there for use to work with.
  3. Once you’ve gotten the first glimpse of what/how this energy looks try to work with them. See what they like, how they speak to you, any mannerisms that pop up, any feelings you get while thinking of them.

And as vague as that is, it’s really all there is to it! For my character-turned-guide, I wrote a few scenes with them, got a feel for how the character acted, and then did some meditation with them. During the day I’d check in with them, just like you might do with deity and the relationship grew from there.

Some of you  might be thinking that this is all a bunch of crap, that you can’t just *think* something into creation. Ah, my friends, I too used to be in that camp. However, if you look at what thought is: energetic vibrations that you give birth to. Don’t we all believe that affirmations are helpful because what you think is what you draw to you? Very same concept here.

So, give it a go, try to work with the energies that are around you instead of fighting them off. Let me know what you think! I’d love to chat about these.