Summerland is the same as Heaven, right?

Q and A IconSummerland or The Summerlands, is the term mostly synonymous with the Wiccan afterlife and it has been described by Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca, as the “ecstasy of the Goddess”, a place of splendid, perpetual summer. Full of majesty, beauty, wonder, there is no pain or sadness just an endless garden of bliss, life, and light.

To understand the concept of Summerland it is important to understand the Wiccan view of the cycle of life-death-rebirth.

We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean.”

This is a line from a popular pagan chant which explains how Wiccans and many pagans view death. Death is not an end, but an ending which leads to a rebirth and a new beginning; a doorway to the next life experience.

Summerland is a period of detachment from the physical realm with complete withdrawal from the concept of individuality. It has an existence on the astral realm plane, but is also self-created. The experience the spirit has within Summerland will depend on the spiritual stage of spiritual development and attachments to Earth. Because spirit is pure energy possessing no physical form, it will align with Summerland and coexist with all the energies of the universe including the greatest celestial energy there is, God Herself. This is a vibration free of judgement, enabling the spirit to recover, reflect, self-evaluate, plan, and prepare for the next physical incarnation. It has also been suggested that it is in Summerland that those spirits who have completed physically incarnating on Earth will come to rest and guide those still going through the rebirth cycle.

In the Holy Bible the term Heaven denotes the blue firmament, or the region of the clouds that pass along the sky, as well as, the region of the stars that shine in the sky. Heaven is the dwelling of the omnipresent God who manifests in a special manner in the light and grandeur of the firmament. Heaven is the abode of the angels and the souls of the just who are constantly with God in the after life.

So in comparison Summerland is not the same as Heaven though there are some similarities. Summerland is neither Heaven nor Hell. It is simply a non-physical reality much less dense than ours, where the spirits of those who lived a physical life on Earth gather awaiting their next physical incarnation while Heaven is the destination for a life “well lived.”



– CricketSong



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