The Emotional Center

The Emotional Center is the center that has the most potential power, but it is held in an immature state in most people as it is typically mired in negative emotions. Most centers have a two-sided approach to their work, such as pain and pleasure in the mechanical, or right and wrong in intellectual, but … More The Emotional Center

I choose to have loving, accepting people in my life.

Affirmations are statements that are written in the present tense and encourage positive thinking and self-empowerment. They condition the subconscious mind so that you are able to: develop a positive perception of yourself, transform harmful behaviors, motivate you to accomplish personal goals, as well as, heal yourself from the damage of negative scripts (the repetitive … More I choose to have loving, accepting people in my life.


Chrysocolla is a minor ore of copper commonly found in large masses around the world. It’s most popular mining sites include Israel, Arizona, Peru, and Mexico! The colors of this crystal comes in all different hues of green and blue. Because of its color, Chrysocolla is sometimes mistaken as turquoise. This stone is pretty soft … More Chrysocolla

April Tarot Forecast

Five of Pentacles, XX Judgement, XVII The Star (R), Four of Swords (R), Ace of Cups (R), and IX The Hermit Five of Pentacles represents the energy of a situation that requires your immediate attention. This situation has been lingering in your life for an extended period of time, It is a condition that you … More April Tarot Forecast

April Oracle Reading

This month’s message comes from the Wisdom of Avalon. Risk is a Sacred Journey Marker. The Marker of Risk brings anticipation into your journey as you walk your life path. The future is unknown to you because your outcome is fluid until you make a decision and apply action. Each time you encounter a challenge … More April Oracle Reading

A Ritual of Gratitude

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life it can be difficult to remember to slow down and be thankful for the little things. While every single day can be a blur of coffee, work, kids, significant others, friends, dinner and then bed time before you know it, how can be make a point to … More A Ritual of Gratitude

April Correspondences

Colors: Clear, Gold, Pastel Colors, Violet Scents: Pine, Bay, Blossoms, Daisy Nature Spirits: Plant Faeries Trees: Hazel, Bay, Dogwood, Maple Herbs: Basil, Chives, Dragon’s Blood, Thistle Flowers: Sweet Pea, Geranium, Primrose, Laurel Stones: Quartz, Selenite, Rock Crystal, Topaz Animals: Bear, Frog, Squirrel, Wildcat Birds: Hawk, Magpie, Goose Deities: Ishtar, Herne, Kali, Hathor, Ceres, Bast, Aphrodite, … More April Correspondences

April Angel Card Reading

Card 1. You are a powerful light worker With April comes new growth to the planet and to us. This is a month where you need to acknowledge  what you would like to do and then go for it. Sometimes you may lack confidence because you are comparing yourself to others and wishing you were more like them.  However, you are forgetting that you … More April Angel Card Reading