May Ogham Reading

5 May - Ogham

Hi everyone! Welcome to the May reading.

This month I only chose one stave, since that’s the vibe I was getting as I was shuffling through the staves. Interestingly enough I chose Birch (beith) which was the “future” stave for our reading last month. We seem to do that a lot here in this column – just goes to show that I have some readers that are getting use out of these, since I ask the Universe to help me choose staves that would most benefit whomever is reading!

Birch is beginnings and last month I wrote:

“…Birch tells me that our cycle is going to keep going and we’re going to keep moving forward once we decide just what we want to keep in our lives and what we want to let die away.

Also, it’s interesting to note that Birch will be one of the first trees to root and grow after a forest fire, so remember that as you burn away that which doesn’t serve you that Birch will be there to allow you to grow in what looks like total ruin.”

Getting this as the ONLY stave for the month of May tells me (personally, and to pass on to you) that we all need to buckle down and really figure out what’s holding us back. Is there a reason we keep getting repeat staves? It’s not like it’s a limited system, there are more than the handful that we keep pulling, and believe me I’m shuffling the heck out of them.

Here on the East Coast the weather is finally warming up and I know there are many, many things I still need to do that I keep putting off. It’s dumb. It’s hard. Just like last month Birch is telling us that we need to break down our own barriers and burn away that which doesn’t serve us so that we can be like the phoenix and grow back in the midst of the ruin.

I’ll work on it if you will. Promise? Promise.