May Oracle Reading

This month’s message comes from the Wisdom of Avalon.

The Stag is an Animal Guide of Avalon.


The Stag is a representation of pride, not the arrogance that many individual associate with the quality, but the state of elation that arises from an act or behavior that is experienced by an individual. It is the justifiable self-esteem that does not belittle others in the process. The Stag will appear on your life path when you have disregarded or declined to recognize and celebrate your personal accomplishments, whether they are Life Markers or challenges or obstacles you were able to overcome. He reminds you that these moments were important to your spiritual growth and were meant to be acknowledged; you invested personal energy, time, and emotions into the desired outcome and you succeeded in that intention. The Stag appears when you require support; he will lead you out of a difficult situation by stirring motivating pride within you, enabling you to find a solution to the current life obstacle or challenge you face.

The Stag is a leader who leads by example and he encourages the same behavior from you. He will remind you to be honest, fair, and authentic while dealing with others who may be looking to you for leadership. Be proactive and always with the greatest good of all involved, but never deny personal accountability.

The Stag will always lead us to a higher place with sure and steady footing and as we travel that path, navigating around the obstacles and the most challenging experiences The Stag asks us to question ourselves:

  • Is this energy being spent on something that is in alignment with my highest good?
  • Am I responding with integrity or am I deceiving myself?
  • Am I putting in the amount of effort that this situation requires?
  • What is causing the internal resistance I am feeling?
  • Is it arrogance? Low self-esteem? Fear?
  • Am I able to acknowledge my accomplishments, both past and present?

This month I encourage you to follow The Stag as he encourages you to embrace your natural leadership skills as he leads you to celebrate your accomplishments while overcoming your own personal obstacles and challenges.



Blessed Be!

– CricketSong
Lunar Wisdom